Thanks a million


The quickest of mentions: thanks to the Salut! Sunderland readers who have sent the site surging past the million mark for “hits”.

I said the milestone was looming, but then forgot to keep track.

This is how it looked as I started writing: 1,015,594. Looking at the stats, the million must have been reached some time last Thursday. These are figures amassed since the site launched back at the start of 2007.

I can hardly believe it. But since it is true, I can only thank everyone who comes, often or occasionally (or just when their own teams are mentioned in headlines), and promise to try to repay the loyalty be maintaining a reasonable level of information, entertainment and wit.

Monsieur Salut

8 thoughts on “Thanks a million”

  1. I reckon it was the Pickford article that did it to be honest. So well written!

    Viva Salut! Sunderland.

  2. Well done. An intelligent way to look inside the motivation of football in an attempt to unravel what is at the heart of being a football supporter

  3. salut sunderland– now on to the next million. onward and upward. well done a great site.

  4. Many congratulations – richly deserved.

    As a friend of mine always says – Why stop there! see you at 2 million in 12 months!!

  5. This is a very good site for an intelligent and witty look at football for Grassroot supporters.Keep it up Salut Sunderland

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