Bruce’s Banter: a ‘great’ display against Liverpool

In his first e-mail to M Salut of the season, Steve Bruce rightly praises a superb comeback from a start that made us look as if we were heading for a battering. Sess and Brown were outstanding but others put in terrific second-half displays, too, and Larsson’s equaliser was stunning. Many thanks to Stan Simpson, of the Durham branch of the SAFCSA, for magically producing my ticket …

Dear Colin,

On balance, it was a great performance from us. The longer the game went on, the better we became.
The fitness levels were good, we got off and running and that’s what you want after a hard pre-season. We got more accomplished as time went on.

We started to have belief and take the ball better and Seb’s got a wonder goal to give us a great start.

We didn’t start well – we gave the ball away too often and made too many mistakes. Unfortunately we were punished, but we stuck at it and got our reward.

I asked the players at half time to have a bit more belief. We needed to keep the ball better – not surrender it too quickly.

We gave the ball away too cheaply in the first 45 minutes but after half time we were much better. It was a better performance all round and we thoroughly deserved a point.

It was wonderful technique from Seb for the goal. He gives us that delivery from set pieces as well which we haven’t really had since I’ve been at the club.

I had the privilege of signing Seb when I was at Birmingham and he has matured into an excellent player and an excellent human being.

All the best,

Steve Bruce

4 thoughts on “Bruce’s Banter: a ‘great’ display against Liverpool”

  1. It took a bit of time to settle down and that adjustment could have been expensive and maybe we could have been down more at half time. However the penalty situation was definitley a charge down with his hands and not a deliberate foul therefore nota sending off. He missed badly and only has himself to blame. Wes Brown was a pillar, Bardsley had Downing in his pocket and we controlled the expensive Liverpool midfield. Larson gave one of the best debuts I have ever seen and Sessengon terrified them. Hoping this start can be built on and developed but at this stage it looks good very very good

  2. I like every SAFC supporter at Liverpool feared the worst when we went a goal down. Fortunately Bruce managed a plan B and we started to believe we could get something and we did. Deservedly so.
    The main talking point for me wasn’t should Ricardson have been sent off but the fact that Suarez’ handball block to create the chance in the first place that not surprisingly went un-noticed by the officials. Further with the exception of Catts, rediculous yellow cards were been brandished all day.
    Finally Drogba now has a worthy successor in Suarez and after one game can rightly claim the cheating/diving crown of the year.

  3. First 20 minutes DID look worrying, although i did believe Suarez handballed for the counter which led to the penalty. Brown’s coolness is something we’ve lacked for ever and if Catts had a better shot on him we might have stollen the 3 points. Ji looks collected and avoids mistakes, just keeps it nice and simple.
    Good start… travelling home on Thursday for the Derby.

  4. I listened to it on the radio. (by the way, I’m sorry to hear that Gary Rowell and Real Radio are not operating this year. 🙁 I think they were better than BBC…..)
    Anyway, I thought it was going to be 4-0 judging by the first half. Suarez and downing always looked dangerous. Thank God we have We Brown in there. I’m looking forward to having O Shea back. If those two are fit then its going to be a solid back line I reckon.
    I hope Gyan’s not too bad injured. This was my great concern before the season started. If he gets injured, then we’re in for a rough ride.

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