Darlington 0 Sunderland 3: a silent (for us) romp

Monsieur Salut

Monsieur Salut was not there, the French Mediterranean seeming to have the edge on Darlo. But Pete Sixsmith, we think, was.

And Big Pete was clearly so ecstatic with the Sunderland performance that he forgot to send a single text.

Safc.com is not Pete Sixsmith. But when Pete goes AWOL, it is any port in a storm. Here, then are the salient points:

* Darlo 0 SAFC 3

* Verdict: … goals from Jordan Cook, Craig Gardner and Ji Dong-won. At times it was a walk in the park for Sunderland but nevertheless, a confidence building win and 90 minutes for lots of first teamers.


1202 Sunderland fans of a crowd of 2785 inside the Northern Echo (is that what they call the ground these days? – ed) tonight.

* Teams:
Sunderland: Westwood, Laing, Liddle, Turner, Bramble, Vaughan, Reed, Gardner, Wickham, Dong-won, Cook.

Subs: Tounkara, Wilson, Bagnall, Armstrong, Mitchell, Egan.

Darlington: Russell, Taylor, Poole, Chandler, Lee, Miller, Hatch, Taylor, McReady, Walshaw, Bridge-Wilkinson.

Subs: Smith, Gray, Campbell, Quinn, Brown, Bowman, Saxton.

And that’s your lot. Unless Pete surfaces by tomorrow.

* Stop press: From Mr Sixsmith himself, the message you see below and also the following text, long after the Salut! Sunderland print run had finished: Won 3-0. Cook, Gardner, Ji Dong-won. Merely a practice session and no pitch invasion. No Steed either.”

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  1. The Fat Owl of the Remove left his phone on the study table. That beast Wharton wouldn’t lend me his because he thought I had eaten his plum cake. Of course, I didn’t and even if I had I didn’t enjoy it. I had to climb back in through the Dorm window and old Quelch was waiting for me, the beast.
    He told me I have to be up before rising bell in the morning and write my stuff to that nice M.Salut or elde I don’t get any breakfast and he will send me to the Head Beak. Yarooooh, beasts, the lot of them!!!

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