Jordan: some plain sailing in Liverpool’s red sea

No longer our future. Image: addick-tedKevin

When Jordan Henderson left, Sunderland supporters were divided into two main camps: dejection about what the move said of our own vaunted ambition, and the feeling we’d done some rather smart business provided the money was properly spent.

We are still waiting for the so-called marquee signings – two needed, three if the underperforming Gyan is on his way – but the money we received from Liverpool, £16m or more, still looks good.

But am I not right in thinking the overwhelming majority of SAFC supporters will feel pride and even reflected glory if he does well at Anfield, just as most of us smile when SuperKev bangs in two more goals for Blackpool? And Jordan’s doing well after a slow start against us.

Plenty of you will be seeing this for yourselves. If not, feast on these snippets from the BBC online coverage of Liverpool v Bolton, still in progress of course:

*1744 Liverpool goal: Great strike. Liverpool work it well and after Jussi Jaaskelainen saves Stewart Downing’s volley from a Luis Suarez cross brilliantly, Jordan Henderson – at the second attempt – thrashes home from inside the area, arrowing a shot into the top corner.

* 1747: That, of course, was Jordan Henderson’s first goal for the club and it was no more than Liverpool deserve.

* 1752: And now Jordan Henderson’s fabulous low cross from the right eludes Dirk Kuyt’s slide six yards out by a matter of inches. Bolton living dangerously.

* 1754: He’s missed one! Jordan Henderson – who has started fabulously – plays in Luis Suarez through on goal, but the Uruguayan’s attempted chip over the onrushing Jussi Jasskelainen drifts over the bar. Should have scored.

It is only half time and this was no more than a bit of whimsy. And having written it, I fully expected to hear he’d scored an own goal and been sent off. But it was 3-0 by the time he was subbed to loud applause and Liverpool won 3-1.

Monsieur Salut

5 thoughts on “Jordan: some plain sailing in Liverpool’s red sea”

  1. Bill Taylor says:

    “That’s not at all what I said, Phil. I suggest you go back and read the piece again. This time get some one to help you with the big words.”

    Oh dear!

    It seems that you have either a short memory or did not understand the words you wrote!

    “Which is why I’m getting off the roller-coaster. I’ll continue to follow the Black Cats, just as I’ll continue to read Salut! Sunderland. But I won’t attach life-or-death significance to each week’s result or individual players’ performances.”

    “If I’ve lost a lot of interest in the club it’s because I don’t think they’re nearly as interesting as they could or should be. “

    Do either of those statements sound, to you, like the words of a genuine SAFC supporter of “us” – I don’t think so!!

    So you, typically, attempt to distance yourself from the significance of your article and, instead, resort to a childish attempt to be insulting.


  2. I don’t care at all about what Hnederson does at Anfield either. We got a good fee for a player that largely stunk out the SOL last season for most of the time. He didn’t have a decent game for months. I have as much interest in his career as he probably does in mine.

  3. Bill Taylor says:

    “What a shame he was doing it for them and not for us”

    You are no longer part of “us”!

    You made that very clear when you stated that you were no longer interested in SAFC.

    Or was that entire article in need of an editor to correct information that you presented as factual?


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