Music to get you over being beaten by Newcastle

It seemed as good an idea as any.

Blocking the more mindless Toon comments was quite enjoyable, delighted as I am that literate and/or decent NUFC supporters come here in such numbers (AGAIN: only have to mention NUFC and you get a swarm of them).

But I needed more.

Copious amounts of red wine have helped. (Yeah, I know that marks me down as a softie but you don’t get real ale in my part of France, I dislike yellow fizz and even the Guinness cans run out by early August).

So I turned to music. What, I asked at Mudcat, a folk music forum (techno fans log off now) should I listen to in order to ease the pain?

These were among the suggestions:

Blaydon Races (tongue in cheek from a Man City fan)

Led Zeppelin … Dazed and Confused

Unknown … My Heart is Sad But My Balls Are Intact

Anyone … Blue Moon

Jackson C Frank … Blues Run the Game

Ah, but that last one is cheating. Great as it is, it was my answer to my own question; I also found Bruce’s Lament by Adrenalin O.d. – whoever they may be – but wouldn’t know it if it fell in my onion soup.

Then, in passing, I mentioned my Song of the Day series at Salut! Live.

The most recent addition was the late Tony Capstick’s piece of sheer genius, Capstick Comes Home … and you’ve probably already clicked on the link above.

Cheered me up no end.

And this wasn’t bad either, one I omitted from the list, above, of suggestions from Mudcat readers. Thanks hugely to Paul Vaughan …

Paul wrote: “If you can watch this and not feel better you need medication.”

No medication. but maybe just a drop more of wine …

And no, I’m still not better.

Monsieur Salut

4 thoughts on “Music to get you over being beaten by Newcastle”

  1. Bruce has to go. He’s a Newcastle fan. We will never beat Newcastle while he is in charge. We were promised a marquee signing, lol. Get rid of him and get Martin O’Neill in, a Sunderland fan.

  2. Wear-Tyne 2011-2012 Done. Am Newcastle fan but you were good in 1st half, all the best for rest of season. except @ St James’ 🙂

  3. I’ve just found my new favourite website! lol

    Neva mind lads. U tried hard but NUFC are still top dogs.

    Bring on 2012 !!!

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