Sixer’s Sevens: Brighton (0) 1 Sunderland (0) 0 AET


This is where Pete Sixsmith captures the glory or shame, hope or despair, excitement or ennui of each Sunderland game. After the grim events of Saturday, beaten at home by Newcastle United, it was off to the south coast for the Carling Cup. Monsieur Salut rashly predicted an easy win until he saw we had lined up without a striker! There were two on by the time Brighton scored in extra time. “Oh dear,’ said the official club site. Another season, another painfully early exit from a cup we should be trying to win.

When, rarely, Pete is absent, a supersub does it for him and the seven-word verdict is preceded by an asterisk. Pete’s full analysis of the game will appear soon. A match report appears here.

The full Sixer’s Sevens archive – see link below – encapsulates the matchday experiences, from darkest gloom to sublime elation, of a fan who is usually there …

Aug 23 2011 Carling Cup 2nd Round: Brighton & Hove Albion (0) 1 SAFC (0) 0 Abysmal team selection got what it deserved

Aug 20 2011 SAFC (0) 0 Newcastle United (0) 1 Totally outfought in dismal second half display

Aug 13 2011 Liverpool (1) 1 SAFC (0) 1 Came back well, better side second half

To see Sixer’s Sevens in full, click here. If an asterisk precedes the comment, the words that follow are the work of someone else because Pete is for once absent from the game or his verdict has been delayed …

10 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens: Brighton (0) 1 Sunderland (0) 0 AET”

  1. I say it time and again. The mag has to go. He must be smirking in his big house tonight, hahaha, thats another peg I’ve brought the Mackems down. Got to get rid. Time for O’Neill, our saviour.

  2. How long are we going to give this muppet in charge of SAFC are we going to wait till he takes us down qui by get him out now before it’s to late and marttin o Neal in he will put round pegs in round holes NIALL send that Geordie packing before he totally humilaites us .

  3. Congratulations to poyet and Brighton.Now onto Bruce seasons over already he has to go,1 point from 3 derby games,one of which a 5-1 defeat,horrendous run of defeats last season.Continued into pre season and the new season.Backed in the transfer market more than any other manager and still he can’t deliver.I and all fans I have spoke to have lost the belief,faith,respect of Bruce and want him to go.I never want a manager sacked and not everything he has done is bad but its not working and never will.Beat off newcastle out the cup in AUGUST.I have a season ticket and will continue to back the lads FOR NOW.getting fed up now though.Martin O’Neill please give ellis Short a ring Quinn is clueless as a chairman i love him but hes useless at hes job.

  4. different manager, different players, year-in, year-out… same result in the early rounds. is it something to do with our club (crowd pressure, long journeys, north sea wind, something in the tea??) bruce in charge of wigan (hard to beat, tough, tenacious) they beat brighton. bruce in chargeof safc (like all that have gone before, with the occasional exception) loses to brighton. is anybody truly surprised??

  5. I’m bewildered that Mr Bruce sticks largely to the team that ended last season so abymally (despite signing nine players) and when at the end of last season he bemoaned the lack of a striker he chose to play without one tonight.
    What is tonight’s Bruce excuse?

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