Two bad defeats have Gooners shrieking for Wenger’s head

Tim Boyd

If you thought Steve Bruce had problems with what he suggested was the “pathetic” hysteria of hypercritical supporters of his own club, stand back and consider the torrent of abuse now heading in the general direction of Arsène Wenger.

Comments on a match report at the Red London site after Man Utd 8 Arsenal 2 began with Nealmustgo’s kneejerk “bye bye Arsene that’s your lot”.

Darren Dommett exclaimed “what a total sham wenger needs to buy or go” and Danish Gooner offered his own slice of bacon “WENGER OUT NOW !!!!!” before the oh-so-eloquent “Arsenal” summoned all his expressive powers to declare: “Wenger can burn in hell, just dont take arsenal with you, you f****** french frog.”

And of course they’ve barely begun. Only drawing at St James’ Park, losing heavily to Liverpool and now United and always having someone sent off: makes our start seem heavenly.

I am torn between two thoughts: pleasure at seeing a “big club” in such turmoil, walloped as only the likes of us are meant to get walloped, and the hope that if Arsenal succumb to the demands of the baying mob, and Sunderland fans opposed to Bruce also get their (premature and unfair) way, M Wenger sees his next challenge as being the Stadium of Light. I’d welcome him, and the style of play and player he champions, with open arms.

Monsieur Salut

6 thoughts on “Two bad defeats have Gooners shrieking for Wenger’s head”

  1. They’ve had 3 wins in 14, 3 in 17 for Bruce. ‘Premature and unfair’? Neither of those is even remotely accurate.

  2. Funny isn’t it. we can stand defeat (just) but we cannot tolerate humiliation. With Wenger it’s a huge defeat to a team which was palpably outclassed in last season’s European final. With Bruce it’s losing at home to “the mags”.

  3. I sense a swap on the cards. Steve Bruce can go to The Emirates and Arsene Wenger can pitch up at The Stadium of Light. Let’s see how Monty and Rupert take to Lee Cattermole and Titus Bramble, while we can thrill to the qualities of Song and Arshavin.
    On second thoughts, let’s stick with Steve!!!!

  4. its not because of 2 bad defeats, its because of 6 years getting progressively worse, an abject failure to see defensive frailities and 3 wins in last 14 games

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