Going, going Gyan: off to the Gulf and as bombshells go …

Asamoah by addick-tedKevin

Just as clever, knowing Sunderland supporters were saying it couldn’t possibly be true, no less reliable source than the official SAFC site confirmed this startling rumour as being fact:

Sunderland striker Asamoah Gyan is set to join United Arab Emirates side Al-Ain on loan.

This is what safc.com went on to say about the departure, in circumstances that stretch belief, of a man for whom we paid £13m at the start of last season:

“Officials from Al-Ain made contact with Sunderland earlier in the week with a view to signing the player on a permanent deal. After further discussions overnight however, it was agreed that the striker would join the club on a season-long loan.

Sunderland AFC would like to thank the officials from Al-Ain for the professional manner in which they entered into negotiations and the club wishes all parties well.

Manager Steve Bruce said: ‘Anyone who has seen Asamoah play will know that he hasn’t been himself in recent months. This option suits all parties at the present time and the club is well-protected in the deal. Asamoah has three years remaining on his contract and of course my wish would be that he finds his spark again and we see him in red and white stripes next season in the form that first attracted us to him.’ “

Gary Bennett said during the Swansea match commentary that Gyan’s not-at-the-races display might be linked to thoughts of a move elsewhere.

And Pete Sixsmith, on his way to today’s game, texts: “All kinds of problems with him. Best for him to leave now. Good player but with current form will not be missed. Big opportunity for Wickham and Ji.”

All the same, Salut! Sunderland is aghast and that is all that needs, for now, to be said – unless you think differently! Pete’s text did have a few more words to run: “… but that’s three top strikers lost by Bruce …”

Monsieur Salut

11 thoughts on “Going, going Gyan: off to the Gulf and as bombshells go …”

  1. Once again the opportunity to really take our club forward presents itself. Once again the manager (and board to an extent) have failed to capitalise. This is so familiar it’s painful.

    Gary Bennet said after the chelsea game a striker was in place and wanted to come but the board wouldn’t sanction the deal. He didn’t say who or any other details but it speaks volumes.

  2. The more of these incidents that occur – not just at Sunderland, witness Bendtner’s statement that he won’t go back to The Arse as another example – the more I am tempted to restrict my live football experiences to the lower divisions and the non league scene.

    It’s cheaper, the quality of footy is surprisingly good and you get 100% commitment from those on the pitch.

  3. Gyan, Bent, Kenwyne, Henderson gone. One victory in the last nine home games. I think we deserve an explanation – but I don’t think I’d believe whatever they came up with. Agent Bruce anyone?

  4. This is just a rerun of the Bent scenario but nobody should have expected it to be any different!

    1) The club/SB becomes aware that a player is unhappy because of his salary level.

    2) They attempt to paper over the situation.

    3) The player makes it crystal clear, in his body language and in the dressing room/on the training ground that he is just not interested in playing for the club.

    4) The club agree to transfer the player rather than allow him to become a cancer in the club.

    5) By accident or design the timing of acceding to the player’s demands leaves no time to bring in a replacement in the same window.

    Now, we will be left (yet again) listening to more of SB’s excuses – at least this time all the journo’s will need to do is dig out his old quotes and change the names!

    My question would, though, be this.

    Was SB being deliberately disingenuous, yesterday, when he said “I told him I wanted to see the old Asamoah Gyan again, and I think I will” OR has he been undermined from above?

    Either way, in my mind, his position has become untenable.

    If it was the former, he should be sacked – If the latter he should resign.

    Either way the club would be in better shape following that action!

  5. The unicorn Bill is far more likely than the FA doing anything about tapping.

    As usual the FA will do sweet FA

  6. Ellis Short could paraphrase Bruce’s words and apply them to SB himself: “Anyone who has seen Steve will know that he hasn’t been himself in recent months. My wish would be that he finds his spark again and we see him this season in the form that first attracted us to him.
    “My second wish would be for a unicorn…”

  7. An NUFC fan, but unfortunately this is a sad indication of North-East football in general, big bucks to attract “stars” or they want out … Bent, Gyan, Barton, Nolan to name a few…

    Local talent is the way it has to be and the sooner the likes of NUFC & SAFC realise holding onto Carroll, Henderson, etc. the better.

    We’ve got the talent, lets use it and turn out teams who want to wear the colours of our clubs.

  8. Only today on another Sunderland site one of our Manchester colleagues trying to reassure me saying that he thought Bruce still had one or two tricks let up his sleeve.

    I replied that he probably did but they all turned out to be on a par with Tommy Cooper’s tricks.

    This latest jack in the box pops up just in time to scare the shite out of me about our future.

    Bendtner had better come good a la Bent because if he doesn’t we are relying on the kids again and this time at the start of the season.

    A plague upon agents, clubs and managers who believe that tapping and inciting players, to unsettle them, is fair game and a pestilence on greedy footballers who sign contract with no intention of ever honouring them

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