Salut! Sunderland: wretched apologies

Monsieur Salut

Needless to say I have removed the image that originally graced today’s item in support of Steve Bruce’s criticism of Titus Bramble.

How can Salut! Sunderland use the slogan “a site better” if that site promptly becomes inaccessible for hours on end?

All I can do is apologise for the interruption in service on the day before an important game. I fully realise that some people who click on a link that leads them nowhere will not bother again. And it is not as if today was any great exception: I have been experiencing problems at different times of several recents days, whether in posting items or seeing the site itself.

The technical issues that beset Salut! Sunderland, in truth not that often but certainly often enough to annoy and depress, are a big disncentive not only to readers but to me. They are, sadly, beyond my control.
My friends at are every bit as exasperated and I will say only that they have done what they can to ensure this resumption of service.


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  1. Colin and readers – as per my email – please accept my sincerest apologies.

    I hired some guys to help with this maintenance (that was all it was supposed to be!) this morning in an attempt to resolve some issues with site performance that were raised/noticed earlier in the week

    Full responsibility has been accepted for the downtime. It was a situation that escalated from a ten minute job (as promised) to a whole day of outage. It’s poor form.

    As per another email, I’m excited to work through the site changes that we discussed for Salut and I will bump them well up the priorities list as compensation. Starting Monday.


  2. My concern for the current team and management is that SB is clearly suffering from the pressure; he said himself recently that he no longer enjoys match days (join the club Steve!). In these cricumstances, he still has my support, and I would like to see him given a one month sabbatical to go away and recharge the batteries. In this time, I would like to see Whickam played upfront, with Ji on one wing and Sessegnon on the other, and Cattermole reinstated in midfield. John O’Shea, moved into central defence, would also continue to work on his fitness, which is clearly currently well away from optimum.

    I have posted in the past that I like to have a linking midfielder such as Vaughan in the side, but I have to admit that his display of square passing and total lack of penetration at Norwich, was dire. However, I would forgive him that, provided he learnt from his mistake and played far more positively against West Brom.

    It is painful supporting the club at present, but the recruited players need to have the fans’ support to encourage the best out of them. As a born optimist, I am hoping this will happen on Saturday, and that with a more attacking set-up we will see a fear-less and great performance.

  3. Steve Bruce should have instructed the players to pool an amount of cash to cover the expences of the fans that made the trip to norwich. I,m sick of hearing the players say they will put it right the next game– what a load of crap they come out with. The fans pay there wages and don,t deserve the worse than poor performances they are giving to them.Somthing has to be done NOW our we will be relagation fodder–BRUCE stop your excuses and earn your corn– you have your own squad that you brought to the club so no more excuses and earn your corn our do the right thing and ship out.

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