Arsenal v SAFC Soapbox: a decent performance would do

Arsenal v Sunderland. We’ve heard from an Arsenal fan (click here if you missed it). But what exactly do we want from this traditionally difficult game? Pete Sixsmith has a modest shopping list …

On Sunday morning, the alarm clock will be set for 3.45am and I shall be waiting at Thinford Roundabout for the coach at 5.15, ready for a sleepy trip down to Ashburton Grove.

It’s a long day, we won’t get home until 10pm and there is every chance that it will be a defeat, heavy or otherwise. So, what do I want from Sunday?

* I want to walk away from Asburton Grove with my head held high after witnessing a determined and gritty Sunderland performance that makes me proud to follow one of the oldest and most distinguished clubs in Europe.

* I want to see our manager put out a team that will not sit behind the ball and invite Arsenal to come at them. Do that and we will lose.

* I want to see an attacking line up, with one of the youngsters up front with Sessegnon and with midfielders ready to run at a distinctly shaky Arsenal defence.

* I want to see a fluid midfield that passes the ball carefully and accurately. That would mean the return of Vaughan, possibly at the expense of either Elmohamady or Cattermole.

* I want to see a back four that is solid and tight and that does not give an inch to the likes of Van Persie and Gervinho. It’s a big game for Turner, who improved as the Albion game went on and needs games under his belt.

* I want to see the management team use their substitutes thoughtfully and not shove them on when it is too late to change a game. Bruce has a poor record with subs – they have very little impact.

* I want to see the fans getting behind the team and the shirts and reinforce the view that Arsenal fans are just a wee bit quiet.

* I want to stretch out in my seat on the coach, read the paper and listen to Spurs give the Mags a good stuffing as we progress up The Great North Road, warm in the glow of a fine performance and a fine win.

And the chances of this happening are…………….??

7 thoughts on “Arsenal v SAFC Soapbox: a decent performance would do”

  1. Well if ever there was a time when we should be able to beat the Arsenal, this is it. Steve may have turned into a lean, mean fighting machine after his trip to Korea, and will hopefully turn things round tomorrow. Like Jeremy, my expectations are always excessive, and indeed ridiculous at times

    However, if we fail to deliver tomorrow, surely………

  2. I Hereby nominate Bill Taylor to be SAFC’s Chief Whip, such is the steeliness of his positivity. I tell ya Bill – if you were reincarnated as a drink – you’d definitely be a wine.

    Jeremy – Mrs Doubtfire opinion would gain more respect once she (he) gets her tits out the pan.

    Arsenal 5 the Black Mice 0. The only thing that’s gelling about pour team is in Connor Wickham”s hair.

  3. He’ll put Ji on 10 minutes from the end and that’ll be our consolation. No Bendtner on Sunday, remember. SB will be disappointed. The rest of us will be disgusted.
    I hope more than anything that Jeremy is wrong. But I fear that he’s not.

  4. “A decent performance would do”

    There go those ridiculous expectations that our manager has mentioned recently.

    Why can’t you just be satisfied with a rout? A 3-0 reverse should be enough to placate the Wearside masses. How about a 4-1 thumping anyone? What should we plump for folks? Concede 4 but get a consolation late on to permit the travelling thousands some celebration in the capital or should we just settle for taking in three and keeping the goals against column down a bit?

    No doubt the incurable optimists will be on here soon about how we should expect no less than a two goal defeat. I say to those posters who are getting carried away with such folly that I have no time for such ridiculous notions. 2-0 to the Gunners. No doubt Mrs Doubtfire thinks we have our heads in the clouds!

  5. Aren’t those expectations too high for us Sunderland fans, surely putting pressure on our poor beleagured manager and newly “gelling” team?

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