Dear Steve: we’re ugly

………………………………………………………………………… Dear

Sunderland have been rubbishing the weekend talk of Steve Bruce’s job being on the line with Martin O’Neill poised to take over. I am inclined to believe the club’s version, as filtered through the Sunderland Echo and Journal sports staff, that his job is – as of now at any rate – no more in danger than the Queen’s. But that doesn’t mean we’re all happy bunnies. This is not our first Dear Steve of the season. Andy Nichol is a stern critic of the way SAFC too often do things and would dearly like Steve to pay heed to his thoughts (adapted here from a message to the Blackcats list) as a nervy Sunday afternoon at Arsenal approaches …

Dear Steve,

I will be there – living in London I’d struggle to find an excuse. But the harsh fact is that we are not worth watching – workmanlike yes and, who knows, we may even grind out another 0-0, but with only Sessegnon to provide any hope of some creativity/flair it’ll be backs to the wall all afternoon.

No Bendtner either. We’re one-paced and lacking in width and God knows what formation you’ll be putting out.

I have been reduced to wondering out loud with the question: “4-6-0 anyone?”

Could we be in for a repeat of the Brighton debacle?

I am sorry, Steve, but regardless of where we finish this season, we’re one ugly team.

All the best,


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  1. We are no further forward then we were before you got the job just you have wasted mr shorts money along the line the football we are playing is school boy stuff sort it out or get out because if your there next year I won’t be renewing my season ticket but before you go sighn Bentner now before it’s to late and he goes asswell….

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