Salut! Sunderland’s makeover: a plea for patience

M Salut thanks the readers of this site for their angry, acerbic, amusing and appreciative comments received in recent days, weeks and months. There may be important SAFC news in the day or days to come and there may not; either way, that will inspire more comment.

But I do need a degree of patience and understanding from you all during the same period.

When you visit the site from late tonight, you may find one of those infuriating “maintenance” pages. But it will contain an onward link to get you here, or so I am assured. Please don’t give up!

And it is in a good cause. I want the site to look a lot more professional and welcoming.

Sam Haseltine, my buddy and web guru who cannot be faulted for life’s lottery (he supports West Ham), is working his guts out to effect the redesign we have been discussing for months. Soon it will be reality, one that I hope readers will like, but there are steps to be taken and the temporarily staggered access to the site is one of them.

Please bear with us and keep up the exceptional flow of literate comments to one of football’s most literate sites.

Colin Randall


8 thoughts on “Salut! Sunderland’s makeover: a plea for patience”

  1. Jason, i got told exactly the same thing on sunday from a well known local agent,but nothing seems to be happening today,i hope the club haven’t bottled it for financial reasons as i believe we are doomed for relegation under this mans leadership and then the club will realise the real devastating financial implications!

  2. Probably the strongest indication that Sprucey is on his way
    it is strongly rumoured that he is to appear alongside Davie Become in Dancing on Ice!

  3. I hope that is true Jason nothing could make me happier I would liket to give my best regards to Garry Speeds wife and sons on there terrible loss he was. A fantastic player even if he played for the enemy he will be a big miss to the game of football

  4. I have just had a nod from a source that has been correct in the past, bruce is gone press conference tomorrow would have been today but for gary speed and on that note i would like to pay my respects to a man that i loathed when playing for the mags and that is the highest compliment i can give because he was dangerous, r.i.p gary speed

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