Sunderland: a ‘graceful retirement option for Man United alumni’

Whenever M Salut has been to Old Trafford, it has been to see Sunderland lose, from hidings in the league to that dreadful surrender to Millwall in an FA Cup semi. Pete Sixsmith, who was there when we last won a game an awful long time ago, has urged a bold approach tomorrow; others, at the Blackcats list, have done the same – even though the risk of another of those hidings would rise accordingly.

A slight technical hitch affected access to the site earlier this week so I have decided to repeat a few of the questions and answers – those relating to our club as opposed to his – from the “Who are You?” feature in which a Canadian United fan, David Tack, predicted a 2-0 victory for the Red Devils. Sadly, some SAFC supporters would probably take that margin of defeat now. It is up to the Lads, whatever formation and tactics Steve Bruce chooses, to show that is an unduly negative outlook … if you wish to see David’s answers in full, including his intersting thoughts on Sir Alex, the thrashing by City and football cheats and role models, click here

Salut! Sunderland:Any knowledge or impressions of Sunderland: the club, its fans, the region?

I’m fortunate to have a rabid Sunderland fan here in the office (Jeremy Robson) so I’ve gotten a sense of the Sunderland passion and traditions. I think Sunderland is a wonderful club with outstanding fans and 130 years of history. Your fans are known for their faithful, passionate, and loud support. With the Tyne-Wear Derby to fire up the passions, what more could you ask for.

Roy Keane, Phil Bardsley, Danny Welbeck, Dwight Yorke, O’Shea and Brown, Jonny Evans, and of course Steve Bruce plus many more … any thought son the player/staff links between our two clubs?

Sunderland has provided a graceful trajectory to retirement for many Manchester United alumni. Not hospice care by any means but a nice retirement job none-the-less. Fortunately, our former players who take on manager roles at Sunderland seem to forget everything they learned at United. (Jeremy: Sorry, we Canadians can’t resist a little trash-talking; we also say “sorry” a lot.) To be fair, we owe Sunderland a great debt in their development of Danny Welbeck. His loan to Sunderland was the making of him and he was well supported by Steve Bruce and the fans.

Will Danny Welbeck be a great United striker, if he is not already?

I think Danny Welbeck is emerging as a great striker. He’s growing into his full size, learning his craft, and gaining in confidence. I think we will see his full abilities in a couple of years when his football begins to mature; at 20 he is only beginning the journey with lots of potential.

How will you follow our game and what will be the score?

I will be glued to my television set to watch Manchester United 2 – Sunderland 0. I don’t fancy your chances at Old Trafford, eh.

David, with son, at Old Trafford

* David Tack on David Tack: I’m the vice-president of operations for a medium-sized human factors consultancy. I have four children who all played youth football and both my wife and I play recreationally. She was born in Liverpool and remains an avid supporter so the Liverpool v Manchester United games are a tense affair in our house. I am the deputy chairman of our local city club (Guelph Soccer) and I have coached youth soccer for more than a decade at the city competitive level.

I have been a Manchester United supporter for about 11 years. My reasons back then for choosing United as my team were based purely on pragmatism, even back then Manchester United was guaranteed to have a lot of television coverage and you wanted to be able to watch the team you support. Now we can watch all Premier League games and many Championship games on television but Manchester United remains my team now and forever.

Interview: Colin Randall

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  1. Can I just add , before I am accused of being ” that wife who really supports Man U”-that I am a fierce supporter of Sunderland. However I do respect those who have contributed to my enjoyment of football over the years and for me that Man U team of Cantona etc played some of the best football that I have seen in the English game. Loyalty has to be tempered with respect, when it is earned.

  2. Well I am going to do it , even at the risk of excommunication. I want to acknowledge the 25year career of Alex Ferguson. Whatever people may think about his attitude and methods at times, he is an extraordinary manager. He obviously has great man management skills which have inspired the loyalty of some very fine players. He has a passion for football and his team, but most of all a keen intelligence. That he should still at his age, be so motivated and able to consistently restructure his teams is remarkable. I read a fine book many years ago, by Hugh Mclevenny I think, on those great Scottish managers from Govan. They have marked our post war game, with their discipline and determination. I want Fergies team to lose today, even though I think it unlikely, but that doesnt stop me congratulating him. Our results maybe improving but Bruce doesnt have the attributes of his mentor, but then few managers do I suppose.

    • I think anyone with an ounce of decency and intelligence would agree he has been and remains a terrific manager, Hilary. I dislike his boorish side, and would fine him heavily for his childish feud with the BBC, but that is of minor consequence when set against his massive contributions to the game.

  3. Give over Pete. It will be something of a moral victory if we win the toss. I wish John Mullin was on tomorrow. He knew how to sink the Mancs.

  4. We have a chance if we have a go at them. Last year we put out a weak side and were useless. Two years ago, we attacked them and should have won.
    I know we have been sent there so that SAF can have a glorious 25th and it’s expected to be something akin to the Harlem Globetrotters v The Nebraska No Hopers, but if we believe in ourselves we can win.
    And this from a man who confidently expected us to lose at Bolton!!

  5. I’m sure Dave doesn’t really think that it will be 2-0. He seemed more confident than that this morning.

    2-0…………..mmn?……………………….. I would take that now and just fax them the points tonight. Everyone could have a nice lie in and save their petrol money.

    2-0…. Yes, I’d take it.

  6. What a cheek! Retirement home indeed. I hope our lads are reading this. It will give them a gee up better than anything that Mrs Doubtfire will have to say!

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