Black’s Bluster on dismal Wolves surrender: the ‘pivotal moment’

Call it stating the bleeding obvious if you will. Eric Black sends his first and last post-match SAFC e-mail …

Dear Colin,

I thought we deserved to take the lead, but the penalty changed things.

I don’t want to take anything away from Seb [Larsson], though, as he has been fantastic for us.

The penalty was the pivotal moment – if that had gone in, I think we would have gone on to win the game comfortably.

However, within 40 seconds they’ve equalised and the game became very difficult for us from there.

The margins are so fine. Ultimately, if you don’t score you can’t constantly rely on the defence to ensure the opposition don’t get a goal.

It’s bitterly disappointing to lose the game – there are moments which change football matches and the penalty was one of them.

We were drained of confidence and a little bit of energy after that and the game became difficult.

Now there is a new manager coming in and he’ll try to push things forward.

All the best,

Eric Black

5 thoughts on “Black’s Bluster on dismal Wolves surrender: the ‘pivotal moment’”

  1. You’re all exactly right , it was just like having Bruce at the helm , strange substitutions at totally the wrong times . It wasn’t a penalty , but there 2nd goal was a definite handball , and right at the death Elmo was a yard onside , SO i’d say we were robbed in those instances

  2. ..a word of caution amongst all the hope pinned on O’Neill.

    His alleged goalkeeping coach is Seamus McDonagh

    ’nuff said

  3. Black is as useless as Bruce.Thank god we have MON coming in…a match best forgotten,though my mind has run out of room to bury yet another abysmal performance,its a vertitable grave yard in my head.

    Cattermole has to go, end of,Ji way out of his depth,Bentdter can’t be bothered,Larssson had a nightmare day(but is still good enough).The substitutions were awful as usual….Ok Ji had to come off even Black could work that one out,but Elmo on in replacement?????makes you wonder if Black was deliberately trying to throw the game.Then Black waits till 4 mins out before putting on Noble…..and takes off our best player…unless Sess was injured that was outright sabotage.If I was Ellis Id stop his redundancy cheque.

  4. I hope the ghost writer leaves with Black.

    I think it was a strange decision to put Black in charge and not get rid of him at the same time as his mate. Probably ES was expecting it to take longer to get O`Neill to sign his contract.

    They could have send one of us Bill. It might have made more difference than Black did.

  5. Eric Black even has his boss’s vocabulary – “disappointing… very difficult… I thought we deserved…”
    The new manager won’t TRY to push things forward, he WILL push things forward. Look upon today’s game as a form of exorcism, casting out the final demon (Black) and moving toward the light.

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