Martin’s Musings from QPR: ‘character, performance and a nice trip home’

Martin O’Neill was doubtless as furious as the away fans when the two-goal lead was sacrificed in the only spell of the game when Sunderland were not dominant. Luckily, it lasted only 10 minutes and he ended up applauding a deserved second victory in three games in charge, while we could all laugh at Neil Warnock’s absurd claim that QPR were the better side …

Dear Colin,

It was a big win for us in the end.

We deserved to win, we scored three goals away from home and it seems as though we have had to win the game twice tonight.

At 2-0 we were in a great position. I think after the referee went off due to injury, for a moment or two, we started to get carried away with ourselves.

We conceded the two goals; but we fought back and deserved the win.

I’m delighted with the team; delighted with their character and performance and obviously that is augmented by the tremendous support of the crowd.

That’s twice now they’ve made the long journey down to the capital – on Sunday and again tonight. It’s remarkable and let me tell you, really appreciated.

It meant a lot to me [the winning goal] – it was great. It’s fantastic to win, a game at 2-2 is in the balance, but we fought back and won the game.

We had a number of chances a 2-2 but their goalkeeper pulled off some great saves, particularly the one from Craig Gardner, which I thought was in.

But we got the winning goal and that makes for a nice trip home.

All the best,

Martin O’Neill

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    • Bill,

      Yes they used too, didn’t they.

      Due to the pre match booze bans and 11 am starts the police would now insist on,do not think most fans would be happy to be honest.

      Standing in freezing weather,stone cold sober and rather bloated/hung over from the festivities maybe not be that appealing anyway.

      Though its a shorter journey home for sure.

  1. MON has a great start,luck or good management?I ll take tne latter.Nice to see us overcome a bit of adversity,the players will have gained more belief for winning that way than if we had won 0-3,it teaches the players not to let their heads drop.

    Nice to see Martin praising thne fans too,thats two horrendous journeys to the capital the week before the person organising the fixture list a Mag?

  2. ClapMack is fully entitled to interpret the article as he wishes. But in a short introduction, followed exclusively by MON’s words, I mentioned a “deserved second victory” and ridiculed Neil Warnock for saying absurd QPR were the better side. The headline drew out MON’s references to character and performance.
    People around me were certainly angry at the lead being squandered through fairly slopping defending, We were coasting, might have got another and even a fourth and suddenly, but briefly as Rob said above, we were looking the least likely to get a winner. Our fans had been fantastic but suddenly went quiet; it was not just disappointment or shock. A few of us were saying we would be hurt a lot more by 2-2 there than we were by 0-1 at Spurs.
    But the fans got their voices back, spurred on by the players – yes, that way round – as they clawed a way out of the bad spell, got forward again and began creating the sort of chances we had earlier.
    I am entirely positive about the win. I saw some excellent individual performances out there. But if MON tells the press he loved being back, in the thick of a thrilling game, but might have answered differently had he been asked the question at 2-2, then I am entitled to interpret that as him being not merely disappointed but furious. It WAS £45 well spent (£40 for me thanks to the super-generous QPR concession), but that sort of entrance fee gives supporters a right to get cross as well as happy.

  3. I think Bendtner looked more likely to score becuase I think MON is telling him to get in the box more. Craig G had an almost certain goal stopped with a great save, as did ‘thunderboots’ Bardsley. All in all, it was a good display. Sess played well, although that final shot was a bit lacking.
    I think MON was inspired to play both Catts and Vaughn. I think Vaughn has got some goals in him if he gets forward enough.
    Still, in January, we need to sign a striker. Even with Campbell coming back. I was looking enviously at Puvulchyenko last Sunday and thinking that he’d do us at the SSOL.

  4. I like the new format. People don’t like having their straw changed. They’ll be fine when it gets warmer and softer.

    I was was annoyed last night when it was back to 2 – 2 as we seemed to just switch off when balls came across the six yard box for 5 minutes; potetially a lot of good work had gone to waste. Looked like there was only going to be one winner briefly, and it wasn’t going to be us.

    But that’s the genius of MoN. He identified the threat, mixed it up a bit to counter it, and also the players had the resilience to re-focus and take the game back to QPR, which we would never have done under Bruce.

    I’ve said all along we don’t have bad players; they just need to play to their strengths and have some belief instilled into them.

    £45 very well spent last night.

  5. Re new site format. I think we need to be able to post at the end of the article, but have About Salut, Related Posts and Subscribe first. Still needs to be tweaked to make navigation easier.

  6. In a way, that “mini-collapse” wasn’t altogether a bad thing. It showed that the team still has the guts and drive to pull itself back together and retake control of the game. That’s something we weren’t seeing under Steve Bruce. As MON says, “Character… performance… tremendous support.”
    I agree with ClapMack – no time for being furious with the team, not when they’re working like this. Also agree with Davey’s observation that there seem to be fewer comments since the site format changed. I must say I’m not terribly enamoured of this new setup.

  7. ClapMack – the away fans are fantastic and should be appluaded for their contribution – 2 visits to the capital in 4 days – brilliant support

    • Hi Davey, I agree 100%… that was my point really….I saw no one that looked or reacted as if they were ‘furious’ with the team, far from it. And as such I did not like that in the article.

  8. To quote the article…. Martin O’Neill was doubtless as furious as the away fans…….

    In the context of this article I was one the these ‘away fans’, and I was bitterly disappointed when it got back to 2-2. But I was there to support the team, not be ‘furious’ with them.

    I’m tired of the sort of article that inspires or condones a section of the support being furious’ with team. Lets all stay behind them through thick and thin, that’s what most of us do anyway…….

  9. It was an excellent win , even acknowledging QPR poor home form .
    Both Sess and Bendtner worked hard in the correct area of the field and Richardson covered every blade of grass .
    Disappointing to give 2 goals away in a poor 10 min period , but after that there was only going to be 1 winner – Wes’s 2nd goal for Sunderland actually but this time at the right end .

    On another point Ed – there seems to be a lot fewer replies on this Blog since it’s changed format – any reason for that – or are the Anti Bruce Brigade persecuting him on another Blog “Salut Korea” perhaps ?

    • You disappeared for a while Davey,-glad to see you back. I think the anti-Bruce brigade have been vindicated by a new spirit and sense of purpose in the team since MON took over. Maybe they are resting on their laurels for a little while.

      Do you really think Bruce would have been able to motivate the players to achieve the results they have achieved in the last week or two ? Rather than hitting out at the anti Bruce brigade maybe you should acknowledge the positve difference that the new manager is making. Hopefully now we will remain in the Premiership and be able to move forward and build in the next couple of years.

  10. I don’t think any of us will get carried away and start thinking we have a team of world beaters – least of all the manager, but the last three games have shown the impact of MON on the squad.

    Hypothetical, I know, but I can’t help but feel if Bruce had still been at the helm we would have had another three “I am disapponted” e-mails.

    The difference seems to be that when Bruce says he is “disappointed” he means “I did what I could but luck was against us”. When O’Neill says he is “disappointed” (Spurs) he means “There are things we need to work on, things we can improve, simple things we can do properly.”

    Bruce appeared to be a man bereft of ideas, MON seems to have plenty.

    And that’s my last word on the Brucester. Roll on Boxing Day.

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