SAFC v Blackburn a six-pointer as we descend into the drop zone

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Yes, we’ve hit the bottom three.

It needn’t, shouldn’t – won’t? – be for more than a few more hours.

We just HAVE to beat Blackburn Rovers. To climb to a mighty 16th.

16 Wolverhampton 15 3 1 3 10 11 1 1 6 6 17 -12 14
17 Wigan 15 1 2 4 8 15 2 1 5 6 14 -15 12
18 Sunderland 14 1 3 3 10 9 1 2 4 6 8 -1 11
19 Blackburn 14 2 0 5 10 15 0 4 3 11 17 -11 10
20 Bolton 15 1 0 7 10 21 2 0 5 10 15 -16 9

Put your score predictions in the comments field. The nearest to the correct outcome will receive a Salut! Sunderland mug. If more than one reader gets it right, the first posted is the winner (ie don’t offer a prediction someone else has already made).

Colin Randall

20 thoughts on “SAFC v Blackburn a six-pointer as we descend into the drop zone”

  1. To make it easier you could get Pete to drop it off with Mike at the Daleside Arms in Croxdale. If not let me know and I will email my address here in Canada.

  2. I’m surprised at half time how many of the above people can still win. I’m ashamed to say we’re lucky to be only one down.

  3. Popped onto this blog site to get a sense of how you all feel about MoN as your manager?
    Amazed he has hardly got a mention!!!!
    Be afraid, very afraid boys.
    He spent a fortune on some simply terrible buys for us and decided when he couldnt have what he wanted, he walked.
    Sod the fans, I’m off

    Long ball footy here we come……………….

    Good luck as you will need it.

    • That’s one piece you saw, Villamaddad, inviting people to guess the score … look back over the past week and it’s been wall-to-wall MoN

      • Point taken

        Before I sign off its a 1-1 for me as a neutral, and I sincerely hope your boys get out of trouble regardless of who your manager is.

    • I hope 1) CSB wins and 2) doesn’t want the mug posting to Saudi Arabia, where I think he was last spotted

  4. My heart says 2 – 0 Sunderland, but my head says 1 – 2 Blackburn.
    As a previous poster said, look at the state that Bruce has left us in. Who is going to score the goals? I hope Noble gets at least 20 mins.
    Ha Way The Lads

  5. I think 4-1 to us. I think the crowd will be behind the team and there’ll be an excitement that will be infectious.
    If we’re not doing well at 60mins, I would like to see McClean come on and Nobel at some point. I think they impressed heavily during the week and for Blackburn it will be totally unexpected.
    But I think we’ll start with 4-4-2, Bendtner up front with Sess, and Richardson playing left side with the remit to get forward. I also see Bendtner asked to get in the box area more than what he has been doing. I think Vaughn and Gardner also start in place of Catts and Colback.
    Although that might be too many changes for a first game in charge.

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