SAFC-Everton Who are You?: ‘Citeh’s way could turn me off football’

Over recent seasons, I may have exhausted the supply of Everton fans willing to answer the “Who are You?” questionnaire in the customary e-mail exchange. Finding a Toffeeman or woman to preview the Boxing Day game was a tough one. In the end, someone at the Toffee Talk website suggested just sticking the questions on there. It is unsatisfactorily anonymous, though I did like the replies on Peter Reid (Avinalaff doesn’t tell us what kind of pounds he needs to lose) and the Man City bags-of-money project …

Salut! Sunderland: When Sunderland supporters were demanding Steve Bruce’s head, the name David Moyes cropped up on a lot of lips. What would your response have been; “over our dead bodies”, “maybe” or “take him, please”?

Rubecula (R from now on): For me, Over our dead bodies, at least until we find out what he can do with some money behind him. He has still not shown his capabilities when he has real money to spend IMO.

Avinalaff (henceforth A)
: I’d have been gutted. Moyes is a great manager. A few fans have lost patience, and criticised him, but I believe in the guy, and trust him. Bruce is a good lad, and cares. He needed a bit of luck. I’m not an O’Neill fan. He spat his dummy out, which showed he wasn’t up for a greater challenge. Compared to Moyes, he has no balls.

How can Everton – image above courtesy of Unloveablesteve – re-create the era when the club expected and was expected to win trophies each season?

R: We need financial investment, badly.

A: Those days are gone. I don’t envisage them to return. A cup win perhaps, but there are lots of clubs with money now, and staying competitive must surely be our first priority.

Maybe follows on from that: how would you feel about the sort of takeover that brought untold riches and the near-certainty of success to Manchester City?

R: I said at the time I didn’t like it so it would be hypocritical to change my point of view now. I would like some money, but enough to compete in the world not actually buy the world.

A: Investment, yes. New stadium, perhaps. Where does it stop? City are a totally new business. The difference being they bought 40,000 fans, and closed their club down. New club, new owners, new players,. new ground, new location, new fans. Not for me. Give me a budget every transfer window and allow Moyes to compete, and I’ll be happy. Do what City did, and I’ll gladly consider my feelings about being a fan.

What were your minimum and maximum expectations as the season began?

R: Considering we bought little, max was Europa League, Min was mid table at the start of the season.

A: I expected us to be one place behind the rich teams, and we can still achieve that if we get on a run. Maximum expectation was Europa league. With the big spenders flexing their muscles, asking for more is unrealistic.

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Who are the greatest players you have seen in Everton colours, or wish you’d seen, and who should have been allowed nowhere near them?

R: Alex Young. Alan Ball, Duncan McKenzie when he was on form, and a few others. Wish I had seen Dixie play.

A: Difficult question to answer. I’m going to stick my neck out though, and say that Fellaini has what it takes to be on that list if he works hard.

Where do you stand on the Keep Everton in our City campaign?

R: Myself I want to not only keep Everton in the city, I want to keep them at Goodison. But I am also realistic enough to know that may not be the way forward.

A: It’s a heart versus head scenario, but I’d be happy if the club benefited either way. Too much is given to sentiment these days. It’s the younger fans who will be affected more than older fans like myself, but it will be a sad day if they bulldoze Goodison Park. In a perfect world, I’d like to build on the same plot, and keep a little piece of the stadium.

Plenty of people have been linked with both our clubs. Taking just one – Peter Reid – what does that name mean to an Evertonian?

R: To me he was a great midfield general. And that is about it really.

A: He was a good player in his day, but could do with losing a few pounds.

Editor adds: a third Evertonian, “Noble Savage”, replied: “Brilliant player, entertaining pundit, average manager.”

Name this season’s top four in order, and the bottom three.

Top four (R): 1, Man Utd. 2 Man City. 3 Spurs. 4 Chelsea.

A: 1) Man City 2) Man Utd 3) Chelsea 4) Arsenal.

Bottom Three (R): Wigan, Bolton and possibly Wolves.

A: Wolves, Blackburn, Wigan.

The Barton Question: was the Eduardo Question, could have been the Larsson Question after one recent incident. Those names cover feigning injury and diving but which form of cheating most angers you and what would you do to stamp it out?

R: Not seen a free kick given for obstruction in years, apparently it is still a rule, yet players get away with it every game. Irritates the sweet hell out of me.

A: I don’t like players who get other players sent off by feigning injury. Lafferty of Rangers feigning that head butt was a disgrace. Diving is just as bad. I hate cheats, and would boo anybody who cheated in a dark blue shirt.

What will be the the score on Boxing Day?

R: Now that is a hard one…….. 2 -1 either way will not surprise me.

A: Everton 2-0.

Questions set by Colin Randall

* More Everton fans’ responses to the same questions can be viewed at Toffee Talk.

16 thoughts on “SAFC-Everton Who are You?: ‘Citeh’s way could turn me off football’”

  1. I don’t get it what are you trying to say?

    ‘Investment, yes. New stadium, perhaps. Where does it stop? City are a totally new business. The difference being they bought 40,000 fans, and closed their club down. New club, new owners, new players,. new ground, new location, new fans.’

    Then what happened to the 46+ thousand fans city averaged in 2003 then and similar in the following years? Do they no longer exist to fit your nasty attack? In 2007 when Everton in comparison to City had spent big on the team did you say you don’t like it? No you did not, very hypocritical.

    As you know very well you would more than welcome a massive take over but here you are slating another team for getting one! Looks very bitter and jealous to me. I mean what else can you call it?

  2. ‘Bruce is a good lad, who cares.’ That he might be, shame he’s an average (at best) manager. And for me O’Neill walking away is a damn sight better than managers who hang on, dragging a team/club/support down, waiting for the big pay-off. For me he does what he thinks is right: no spin, no politics, but most importantly after giving most of his clubs very successful spells. I’ll happily accept that risk.

  3. as a city fan i don’t care what other fans have to say we score when we want so ha ha haa ha haa love it loads of cash cant wait to say good bye to the toffe men … to the championship with you ha ha ha

  4. Sunderland have had significant investment.

    Everton would like investment.

    Yet City are ruining football because we’ve had investment?

    Completely illogical and partisan, but I suppose that’s what being a football fan is all about.

  5. Don’t Sunderland have any fans?

    You are living up to your name Avinalaff. Sunderland fans obviously have little interest in anything that Evertonians have to say. Judging by the nonsense spouted in their limited contributions so far, I can see why that would be the case.

  6. Don’t Sunderland have any fans?

    Why are there so many Manchester City supporters replying to a Sunderland v Everton discussion on a Sunderland fan website?

    Also why even mention City in the questionnaire?

    Nobody cares about Manchester City.

    We agree, that Manchester ‘is’ the run down area of the North West, and our sympathies go out to you, but our thoughts are on the next match, and that match is against Sunderland.

    Other than that, it’s Christmas, and we wish all of you a happy one. (Even City fans).

    Good luck to Sunderland, and Come on you Blues. Simple.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. I’m just looking forward to some Everton contributions.

    It’s looking a little at the moment like Everton 1 Man City 6 (or more)

  8. Man City fans don’t quite see it as a new club with the old one buried somewhere in Rusholme.

    I’d rather watch Man City play than the likes of Utd, and Chelsea any day of the week. Bitter penniless Toffees can be forgiven, at least to some degree for coming across like the green eyed monster, but come on! Anybody but Man Utd and Chelsea winning the league will be a breath of fresh air.

    Unless something changes at Everton, and pretty soon, I can see them ending up in a relegation fight within the next couple of seasons. Moyes has used the loan system well to bring in some really talented players, but you can’t build a team by doing this. Drenthe is a joy to watch, and I’m sure that Landon Donovan will bring something to the party when he arrives but at present there is a very pedestrian look about Everton.

  9. With fans like this Everton can lay claim to an extraordinary fan base. Jeez they don’t come any more ill informed bitter confused and delusional than this.

  10. “Where does it stop? City are a totally new business. The difference being they bought 40,000 fans, and closed their club down. New club, new owners, new players,. new ground, new location, new fans.”

    That would be why we were clocking a 95+% full ground when we were in the 3rd division. What twaddle. What JEALOUS twaddle. Pathetic really.

    I would add also that Kenwood was going on a while back about how the Sheikh could have just as easily bought Everton. Actually, the Sheikh said onw of the main reasons he went for City was our extraordinary fan base.

  11. The new owners at City have invested their own money in a great scheme that has revitalised the club, enthused the fans and is regenerating East Manchester, one of the most run down areas of the North West.
    If investment of this level had come into Goodison the Toffee fans would have lapped it up, the bitter resentment shown is rather sad. nevertheless, I wish Kenwright well in his search for a new owner who will invest. He is a real fan and rather better than the likes of many of the fans deserve.

  12. What an absolutely stupid, ill-informed, trolling, typical thick blue Scouse thing to say.

    Good luck staying in the division.

  13. We were already at the new ground – same fans, same attitude, humorous, loyal and accepting whatever our football fate is.

    If our fans were anything else, we would have become Manu fans, glory hunters in the extreme.

    Your jealousy is all because it could have been you but for the dated ground you inhabit. We had already moved 6 years before our new owners bought us.

    • Totally agree. Their football if that’s what you can call it would bore me to tears. Imagine watching that every week. As for Moyes the best thing I can say is hope he takes over from Ferguson.

  14. Typical everton fans. Chip. Shoulder. I hope their club rots, moyes leaves and they godown like they should have done in the nineties

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