Martin’s Musings on beating Man City: ‘fantastic, overwhelming, brilliant, sensational’

This is a day every Sunderland supporter will savour for a long time. Martin O’Neill was forced by injuries and sickness to pick a team to play the high-flying millionaires of Man City that had one wag speculating before kick-off that we’d do well to keep them down to single figures. We did 11 better than losing 10-nil. Here is Martin’s celebratory post-match e-mail …

Dear Colin,

The team gave absolutely everything today. I’ve been saying that for the last couple of weeks now, the effort has been fantastic, but today it was overwhelming.

I really couldn’t speak any higher of these lads. Their effort was fantastic; the crowd’s was too. They really helped get us over the line.

Simon Mignolet has just come into training this past week. He had a mask fitted about 10 days ago and with Keiren Westwood being ill, he stepped in and was fantastic.

Sebastian Larsson has been ill, he couldn’t get out of bed yesterday but decided this morning he would go for it, whether he lasted 10 minutes or half an hour – he did fantastically.

Lee Cattermole was also brilliant and the two fullbacks – who are midfield players – put in an incredible effort throughout the game.

The three points are of paramount importance to us as we’re in a real dogfight. I know that sounds strong, but it’s true – we need points and it’s so important.

We had chances ourselves and I accept the fact that Manchester City are a brilliant side and they’ll go very close to winning the league this year.

They camped outside our box for 10-15 minutes and we couldn’t get the ball. We threw bodies in front of shots and it was just a great effort all round.

When Ji came on to score that goal, icing on the cake seems to spring to mind!

It was sensational, fantastic and it was shared by 40,000 of us.

All the best,

Martin O’Neill

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  1. Like I said before the site moved get Bruce out and get Martin the marvel in and how right I was

    Spot on Alan. Yesterday just epitomised the reason why so many wanted rid of Bruce a good six to eight months ago.

    Tremendous battling performance and result. It’s a different challenge coming up against Wigan, and that too will be a hard game against a side that have strung some decent results together.

  2. The performance was immense, they played for the Badge. The three points makes up for the Everton disappointment, mind you Mr Friend made some odd decisions.

    It took a lot out of the Lads with Larsson totally paggered in the centre circle after his pass to Ji which resulted in the winning goal. Cattermole was superb, Kilgallon effective, Gardner and Colback outstanding. This will give the entire squad a lift and Mr O’Neil’s astute management bringing in fringe players and getting a response like that.


    Lets hope they can all recover for Wigan.

  3. I am falling back in love with my club again (I know you never really fall out of love with them but you know what I mean). Due to financial restrictions I had to give up my season ticket last year (first time in 11 years) and it breaks my heart not being able to go when I want. I went yesterday with my 9 year old son (to get over a slight headache lol) and hopefully see a battleing performance and not much else.

    How wrong was I. MON has been a saviour to us up to now and his substitions at certain points of the games have been first class. Yes the team takes all the credit but he has been masterfull, not just in the way he motivates them but the way he gets them to play for him, the fans and most importantly themselves (self pride).

    I hugged people I have never met before yesterday and lifted my son so high in the air when we scored I nearly dropped him lol…. I actually got quite emotional not just because of the win but it made me realise how much I miss being part of that week in week out.

    To all the fans there yesterday you were fantastic and such a credit to this great club of ours the noise and atmosphere was 1st class.

    Killgallon was fantastic when he came on and the other 10 were also superb cannot really pick anyone out as I honestly thought they were all incredible.

  4. Such a great result, and such a pleasure to see the passion that MON brings to his role. How could you not be inspired as a player by that degree of commitment from your manager. The players’ response was magnificent and O’Neills post match TV tribute to them was so well expressed. Last November seems a world away now.

  5. I wondered about Killgallon against Everton when a centre half was injured and MON brought on Colback and must admit was jittery when he came on for Brown but after a nervous start he did his job with aplomb, MON seems to inspire players and will need it against Wigan the lads must be exhausted after that performance and it seems ridiculous to be playing again on Tuesday. Big game that needs a big effort but after that performance I believe we are capable of anything

  6. For me Rob, Kilgallen epitomised what was really good about today – 14 players giving their all. I feel the new boss not only inspires the players but uses them to their best advantage. He looks to use them as effectively as possible. Confidence is a great thing and his body language on the touchline is so positive. What a contrast eh!

  7. You know Malcolm. That statement about Matt Kilgallon, the forgotten man. You have it so right. He has been a passenger and today he played a very important role. Although he could not win balls he challenged for, he did enough to distract the opposition. I think most of us have been wondering why the Bruce guy signed him at all. He certainly was never part of his thinking. Nice game today Matt.Keep up the desire for first team football.

  8. If there was one thing today which epitomises MON’s start to his Sunderland career it was the performance of Matt Kilgallon. Add to that the masked man making a couple of outstanding saves,the two midfielders playing at fullback, an oustanding performance from Catts and a sick Swede giving his all.

    Not one weak link today. O’Shea is a centre back – much more secure than at full back. Despite the criticism he gets I’d much rather Bendtner tha Gy£n and Sess was class. At this rate what odds the MON effect will see Angeleri as player of the season.

    I’m sure MON will have his feet firmly on the ground and Tuesday still remains a big game. But what a change since December 1st!

  9. MON has 50% of the total number of home wins Steve Bruce managed in 2011 on the first day of the year.
    It was an immense win, I was pleased Ji came on as he ‘could’ have a goal in him was my thought, and boy what a goal, with 3 seconds to go, all the tension and worrying that wave after wave of City attacks was swept away with the best elated feeling of Jubilation I have had watching Sunderland for many a year. It was a great team performance, and even though we rode our luck at times, a brilliant start to 2012.

    Happy New Year to all Sunderland supporters 100% Guaranteed.

  10. Like I said before the site moved get Bruce out and get Martin the marvel in and how right I was what a brilliant display and how SESS and cats is showing us how good we are not just them two all the lads were brill today well done

  11. I’m about 10 feet tall, my chest is so puffed out it must be 100 inches. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo proud to be a Sunderland fan today.

  12. I said when we signed him that Ji would be a useful player. He’s a good goal-grabber.
    But as O’Neill says, “The team gave everything today.” Amazing what a bit of positive thinking and motivation will do.

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