Martin’s Musings on dismissing Arsenal: an energised, crowd-pleasing display

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Martin O’Neill springs from dressing room celebrations to rattle off a proud, cheerful post-match e-mail that encapsulates all that was good in the 2-0 win over Arsenal. Can anyone translate the bit about Kieran and training yesterday (a few hopelessly wayward potshots maybe)? …

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Dear Colin,

I was delighted with the performance and I think the fans were pleased with what they saw today.

There was big commitment and determination from the players and we looked as if we had extra energy.

I do think that having no game midweek went in our favour and perhaps it went against us last week, today we were ready for the game.

Kieran Richardson’s goal was very important. We limited Arsenal with their chances and the first goal was always going to be an important one and it was great to get it.

Kieran’s capable of doing that, having seen him in training yesterday you might not have backed him – but perhaps he was saving it for today – and I’m delighted he did!

It was an excellent move to get the second goal, we broke it up and Stephane Sessegnon had a number of options but played it to Sebastian Larsson and he did well to help steer the ball across the line.

We played very strongly and very well, which was most important.

It was great to get the win.

All the best,

Martin O’Neill

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2 thoughts on “Martin’s Musings on dismissing Arsenal: an energised, crowd-pleasing display”

  1. the photo of Rico shooting sums the game up – look in the background and there’s Arteta, scratching his ear when he should be busting a gut to get a challenge in (or at least look interested)

  2. Personally, I was happy for Keiran, I have always liked him, and as an attacking midfielder forced to play left back, out of position by oldie Steve Bruce, he has actually taken to the position. Wonderful goal, look at it in slow motion, he really makes an effort to get on that ball.
    I feel sorry for Arsenal as Arsene Wenger says he is happy with the way his team played. Oh dear, I would not be happy if I were a Gunners supporter. I think dear old Arsene is losing the plot. Glad to see that MON has the plot covered from all angles.
    Way to go.

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