SAFC v Arsenal: your shout – can the Milan lightning strike twice?

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Can we hope for the same Arsenal to turn up at the Stadium of Light tomorrow night as crumbled in Milan? Were AC Milan so good that even if Arsenal played no better than on Wednesday, they’d still be good enough to beat us? Or are we facing another cup replay?

Last week, I invited score predictions and it was one of our own, “Tony”, who correctly forecast 1-2. He has been exiled to the colonies for his disloyalty, but wins a Salut! Sunderland mug all the same.

Read the Arsenal “Who are You”: click anywhere on this sentence.

Let us repeat the exercise.

I will not mess about with waiting for the outcome of any replay. The test is simply to predict the score at the final whistle tomorrow. A draw is a draw. The first correct reply to have been posted will win the bumper prize: a mug!

I will design it with the Jake image you see above, adapting it accordingly if it is obvious an Arsenal supporter has won it. If you are posting here for the first time, your comment may be delayed for moderation but I will know in which order it arrived so there will be no disadvantage if, for example, if another reader posts the same scoreline later.

See “Arsenal in crisis: give us a break.” Click anywhere along this line.

As usual, M Salut’s decision is final.

And if you’ve no use for trifling competitions but like the idea of the mug – the Martin O’Neill “Team of All Talents” one as shown below, and as won by Tony last week – please follow the link below:

Monsieur Salut

30 thoughts on “SAFC v Arsenal: your shout – can the Milan lightning strike twice?”

  1. Late again, but it will be 3-2 to the Lads, Campbell, Sess and Gardner. The game will be played like the old fashioned cup games of one side attacking and play surging from one end of the field to the other in a full bloodied encounter with the officials mere spectators……..but then may be not as the ref’s seem to want to have the limelight for televised games.

    One thing that will be like the old days is the state of the pitch, reminds me of Fulwell playing pitches on a good day.

  2. If we are being forced by at least peer pressure to predict the scorers I am going for Gardner and Campbell.

  3. Arsenal are a side playing on past reputations. In the game last weekend I was expecting to see a sudden increasse in tempo and demonstable improvement in team play from them. It just wasn’t there. This is a very average team right now and they are there for the taking.

    We don’t have to be Milan or score four. I am taking us to win by the odd goal in three. A reversal of last weekend’s score line. As Mr Hedley points out above. we had enough chances to have scored three. We will be more ruthless this time around, so long as Campbell is not pushed out wide for a second week running.

    • ‘Tis is my hope for Campbell too BB! you kind of felt we gave them a little too much respect last week, we may as well go for it today

  4. My actual prediction is gone, so… 2-1.

    The lads are talking the talk this week, blaming tiredness etc. Glad to see they have confidence to do that. Back it up now please.

  5. I’m not going to enter this time. Any more mugs and I’ll be paying excess baggage on the return leg of my trip in May. I’ve already said I’ll buy Pete beer for delivery of mugs to the Daleside in Croxdale and may well stretch to anyone else who happens by. 2-1 has worked well in the past so anyone want to try it this time.

  6. We created enough chances to have won the previous match and were not outclassed by Arsenal. In my opinion the original error was that of the goalkeeper in letting Henri get to the ball coupled with two far larger defenders who let him slip through. Having regard to our five games in two weeks TIREDNESS AND A LACK OF CONCENTRATION MAY HAVE BEEN AT FAULT.

    I personally balm Mignolet who frequently fails to command his box exhibiting a similar glaring weakness in his game to that of Gordon.

    Schmeichel would have taken ball and man and if necessary wiped out his own two offenders as well because has far as a top class goalie should be concerned in normal circumstances anything in the box is his.

    All too often we are faced with a picture of a Sunderland goalie dithering on his line.

    This time it is Arsenal which has played the extra game and with our sound defensive work this season I firmly believe we are capable of winning the game 2-1

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