Martin’s Musings: team performance outguns QPR – bring on the Toffees

After the disappointment of Tuesday’s dismal performance at Ewood Park, this was a much improved performance from the men in Red and White. In his latest post match missive, the Boss was effusive in praise of his team and in particular the returning Sessegnon and the Irish lad with a new and improved contract in his locker.

Dear Colin,

I thought all of the goals were terrific but we got the breakthrough goal from Nicklas Bendtner, which was very important.

That first goal came just at the right time.

It was tight and we were looking decent, but we had allowed Queens Park Rangers a little bit too much room. However, they didn’t make full use of it.

The first goal was always going to be important and we got it and went on to win pretty comfortably in the end.

There were some brilliant performances in the second half – however, the moment we took our eye of the ball they scored a brilliant goal.

We may have got a little bit sloppy towards the end but having said that it was a great performance and a great comeback from Tuesday evening.

The third goal is the one we’ve been talking about in the dressing room.

It was a good move from James [McClean] and it was a great ball in from David [Vaughan] just inside the area for Stephane [Sessegnon] to finish it off.

I’m delighted for him, coming back and getting his goal.

In terms of the standards we’re trying to set, maybe I made too much of the defeat at West Bromwich Albion and at Blackburn on Tuesday.

We’ve picked up six points from our last three games, which is terrific – it works out at two points per game.

I’m delighted with the team, it was a great response and it sets us up well for Tuesday night.

All the best,

Martin O’Neill

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  1. Excellent result and a team performance. Delighted to see that memory of a poor night at Blackburn put to rest with a makeshift back four and injury hit side. It has to be said that QPR looked a very poor side, but far too many times in the past we have allowed poor sides to come and take points away without a real fight being put up.

    James McClean is looking better and better with each game. Hard to imagine that the find of this season (and many others) was languishing in the reserves. Oh yeah I remembered, that Brucie said he was just about to give him a game and then he got the sack. If only he’d had another couple of weeks he’d have signed Kaka and Ronaldo as well. Such a great pity.

    Tough game coming up against Everton (and aren’t they always), but we will go into this full of condidence. H’way me bonny lads!

  2. People are rightly talking about MON’s man management skills. Look at how he got Kilgallon involved almost as soon as he got here.

    After Ji’s miss on Tuesday he was quick to publically state that the Korean has great ability and application in training and that he would have liked to give him some experience outside the Premier League as he believes he has a future at the club.

    Elmo made an appearance yesterdaywhen the game looked safe – the first time in ages and he looked positive when he came on.

    Wickham seems to have slipped down the pecking order but it seems probable that his skills are being developed off the pitch.

    Bridge had a good game too, though I suspect his wage demands will be too high for the club to keep him, unless they can do a deal with Man City until his contract with them runs out.

    When O’Shea had to go off I was surprised but impressed by the substitution, with Gardner dropping back and a virtual 4-3-3 formation.

    Tuesday will be no walkover, and they won’t take things for granted but fingers crossed for another positive performance.

  3. A lovely day for MON he must be extremely pleased with his team which started with a few absenses only for it get even worse.Every player pulled his weight wherever they played.

    I don’t recall seeing a squad play as a unit as well as they currently are,whoever comes in does what is asked and the team is reaping the benefits.

    Cannot believe I am writing this about a Sunderland team,it feels a tad surreal.

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