Martin’s Musings: keeping the dream alive

Jake imagines the snailmail version

With the dream of a visit or two to Wembley still alive, Martin O’Neill has special words of praise for 5,800 travelling fans and one Belgian keeper in his latest post match e-mail …

Dear Colin,

It was a really tough game.

I thought we started really well considering that we were playing away from home.

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The crowd were terrific for us and we got the goal that I think was deserved.

We had a good little spell after that but then Everton got their equaliser and then, of course, the game hangs in the balance.

Simon [Mignolet] made a wonderful save at the end. From where I was standing I thought it was in, but he did well to make the save and I’m delighted for him.

Mignolet kept us in the game and it would have been cruel on us if it had gone in – great credit to him.

It was a fantastic effort from the team – we’re missing some big players – but the players’ commitment and determination was brilliant – you can’t question that.

Jake captures the moment ...

I’ve been told all week about Sunderland’s record at Goodison Park and I tried not to think about that.

But when you saw the supporters across the other side of the field, you felt that you weren’t alone.

All the best,

Martin O’Neill

5 thoughts on “Martin’s Musings: keeping the dream alive”

  1. Great credit to MON and his team that was not an easy game for us yet we are still in it and must surley have the upper hand now.This team is resiliant in a way I have not seen for a long while.

    While we did not play well yesterday we have not lost the last two games without Sess, Catts and Richardson,which is remarkable.

    We have a team and squad to be reckoned with at last.

  2. Let’s spare a thought for Fabrice Muamba who reportedly is fighting for his life after collapsing just before half-time in the Spurs-Bolton game. It appears to be a heart problem. He’s only 23, poor guy. We must hope for better news of him.

  3. I think that this is perhaps the most significant result that we have had under MON, and one that underlines his brilliance as a manager. To be honest, I didnt have much hope for this one. Being at Goodison, Moyes having kept his best players fresh and we lacking Sess and Cats-it seemed stacked against us. However the spirit and commitment of the squad, as well as MON’s tactical nous was exemplary.

    O’Shea now looks as if he is really enjoying his foot
    ball with SAFC and is a commanding presence. For a while, and especially under Bruce, he had looked on cruise control, but he is now really powerful figure, holding the line. Indeed I think he should be our permanent captain

    I am delighted and proud-bring it on!

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