Tioté is Newcastle’s problem; what do we do about Lee Cattermole?

Catts by Jake

On March 21, Lee Barry Cattermole will be 24. Hardly a milestone, it is nevertheless an age at which a footballer might be expected to have acquired some degree of self-discipline.

Before yesterday’s ill-tempered affair at the SDA/SJP, Martin O’Neill praised the work Cattermole had done since he took over as manager

And it is true that Catts has seemed at times a man who has learned from past folly.

Then, with a game vitally important to supporters of SAFC barely started, he scythes down Cheick Ismaël Tioté, another street fighter of a player, and is lucky to stay on the field. For now, we can forget Tioté’s unappealing ways and embarrassing theatrics since they revert to being Newcastle’s problem, of no interest to us, until the next derby. Let us concentrate on Catts.

In fairness, he calmed down to play well for the rest of the game. That was an awful long time to keep his nose clean.

But as the teams walked off at the end, he launched into a discussion with Mike Dean, mostly excellent on the day as referee, that the official considered foul-mouthed or abusive enough to warrant a straight red. So a man paid handsomely to play football, and honoured with the captaincy of a great club, is yet again unavailable for work.

O’Neill appears to believe he can get the best out of Cattermole and somehow inspire him to develop the discipline with which he could become a consistently good Premier League midfielder. I’d love him to be right but am less sure. What do others think? I will set the ball rolling with a sprinkling of views from the Blackcats list and here:


What on earth was Cattermole doing at the end? Haranguing the ref is never going to change anything after the game. Oh yes it does – when the ref gives him a red card. What an a*******!


Well not only that George; what on earth was he doing in the first 30 seconds. He seems hell bent on remaining a liability. The lad is as thick as s***. He has to go for me. To do what he did in the first
seconds of a derby match is too stupid for words.

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I’ve changed my mind completely about him and I’d stick with him, he’s 23 and still capable of responding to MoN and becoming more professional. On recent form he’d have a good chance of captainng the Olympic side, if he qualifies as an U23.





M Salut

It is just possible. But while we wait for O’Neill to drum sense into him, the captaincy ought to go. I’d say to O’Shea but we risk becoming laughing stocks of football keeping faith with Catts to that extent.


He won’t take the captaincy off him at this point of the season. That’s a vote of no confidence in him which is as good as a transfer listing of the skipper. JoS will no doubt be skipper in his absence though. Whilst MoN may not think he’s captain material, I think he’ll look closer at it in the summer.


Do we not think MON might have told Catts to make that tackle so early in the game? Just to send out a message and take a bullet for the team. He didn’t put a foot wrong after that, until after the final whistle that is. It just seems odd that he’s so controlled throughout the rest of the game. That takes huge discipline that many doubt he has. It’s a theory, at least.

Pete Sixsmith (in his Soapbox match report, now live) …

Cattermole displayed all the diplomatic skills of Idi Amin having a bad hair day when discussing the game and the key decisions with Mike Dean and was given a straight red card for his troubles. Stupid, foolish and once again, his excellent display in midfield is sullied by less praiseworthy antics.


… he leaves his own fans frustrated by his yellow and red cards, but that is a part of his game. Up and down the country I hear opposition fans complaining and saying he is a disgrace, a thug and should be put out of the game. In all the years I have watched football those sentiments are a sure sign that we have a more than useful footballer. Most teams in their time have had a player that everyone else hates – long may those players exist.


Okay Here comes mister unpopular…

I’m a bit of a Cattermole fan and O’m very happy he’s our captain! … Under Brucie it was getting to the point where i would’ve happily seen him shipped off to the UAE Pro-League … but under MON I’ve been converted. His talent is there for all to witness, his effort is sometimes monumental – reminds me of Gerrard in his finer days, under MON he has shown far greater restraint and intelligence. and someone pointed out earlier, he never seems to make a fuss about a challenge, you wouldn’t see him on the floor like Tiote today … It’s also a tough physical and mental sport. And I will always prefer an honest tactic (draw first blood) than a dishonest one (Tiote’s trauma from little Sess’s chest thump)

M Salut is now heading to France, slowly with stops on the way south, but looks forward to seeing the views of others here …

Monsieur Salut

27 thoughts on “Tioté is Newcastle’s problem; what do <em>we</em> do about Lee Cattermole?”

  1. Cattermole was very stupid to get himself sent off after the final whistle and I think doubts about his captaincy are justified. However, I for one was glad to see us take a combative and competitve mindset into the game. We’ve been meek beyond belief in recent derby games and we’ve been second best on each occasion. I don’t think our approach was ‘ugly’ as Pardew somewhat pathetically claimed (certainly less ugly and pathetic than his charging towards our bench) – derby games are always going to be robust affairs, that’s part of their appeal. Any Mag that wants to claim a moral high ground on the basis of being a clean and honest collection of souls should look again at some of the challenges that they put in on Sunday and in previous encounters (Barton’s stamp on Etuhu springs to mind). A thoroughly enthralling game though – here’s to many more like that in the coming seasons.

  2. The ref did have a very good game in what must have been a very difficult atmosphere to ref. Not only must he make sure that the game has to be played within the rules but also that the players safety is protected. He therefore had to make his mark on that first tackle – it could have been anyone, just typically, it was Cattermole. In some ‘ordinary’ games, it probably wouldn’t have constituted a yellow at that early stage.
    I have not been a Bruce/Cattermole fan by any stretch – but the O’Neill/Cattermole is a different creature.
    But: to confront the ref after the whistle is a sign of weakness and definitely not a sign of leadership.
    I trust MON has the intelligence to deal with him in the best way for everyone – and the Club particularly. He also has 4 games to ponder how to get the best from him while looking at O Shea as a skipper possibility.
    The Sess sending off was equally stupid – however Tiote reacted. He isn’t the only player to do that, he is in excellent company with the accomplished racist aka Suarez.
    However, out of all this was a fantastic fighting performance of which I as very proud, no-one bottled as in the 1-5 debacle.
    Was Pardew genuine in his more objective view of his antics, or just taking the mick? Maybe he can respond via the best footy site around?? He has done a marvellous job but didn’t show too much integrity during and immediately after the game. MON showed the gap in class. Love him!!

  3. Did anyone else hear the commentator before the game say that the supporters derogatory names for each other was “the bar codes and the mackems”. Since when has “mackem” been derogatory?!

  4. Well done, a well written and insightful retort. It’s hardly trying to break someone’s legs is it, “clearly”…

  5. All decent comments are welcome but there may be a bit of a delay if you’re a first time poster while we moderate. [JD standing in for Monsieur Salut]

  6. I am pretty sure MON sent Cattermole out after winding him up to get an early one onto Tiote.

    That said, this is the best fight Sunderland have put up against us for years, but the anti football tactics will get you few friends.

    It’s really good to see Sunderland on the up as it makes for a better derby, would be even better if the smoggies got their act together and got promoted.

    Looking forward to next year already.

  7. I’m not especially proud of the way Pardew behaved and yes he’s done it before as pointed out above but there was a lot of tit for tat between the dugouts, celebrating in front of fans when you’re not even on the pitch doesn’t make the stewards’ jobs easy. I don’t think the ref did too bad overall, difficult to gauge the true severity of some tackles when it’s silly season for 40 minutes or so but he missed a blatant hand ball in your area when the ball was taken off Ba’s head and Cattermole would have gone had you been playing Manure in a four o’clock fixture. I think Dean cut Cattermole some slack late in the second half when he could easily have had a second yellow for a blatant block and then had enough after the whistle. Tiote I feel is a combative player but not malicious, Cattermole is not only too thick to understand when he’s been given a break but he’s let you down as captain of your club. I’d send him back to the smoggies if I were you!

    • The manure statement is probably true. He is a hot head, but he can (and has done since MON took over) play very well. He has performed excellent at times, and then loses it at others.
      Tiote was way over the top, as soon as I saw 3 Newcastle players hone in on Sess, I thought “Way over the top”. They trapped him in the middle of 3 players, Tiote had him pinned, and he moved his arms to get free, the last movement most likely because he was struggling to get out of Tiote’s grip occured as he was let go and caught Tiote on the chest, then he rolled around clutching his face, even the commentator’s at the time said “This is a farce”. Yes, he had to go, but it was never a deliberate elbow, the struggling to get free as Tiote had some sort of wrestling grip on him as he was shielded by the other 2 thugs.

      • I struggled to listen to Waddle, talks too much sh*te then remembers he’s on TV and balances things up…they need someone more neutral….I didn’t need him winding me up as well. You can’t use his opinion as hearsay.

  8. As a Newcastle supporter, I have to say that I thought Sunderland were *by far* the better team with Sessignon on the pitch. It was the best, most challenging derby I’ve seen in many a year.

    Without taking anything away from Sunderland’s great battling performance, I also believe Newcastle being on the back foot was partially down to Alan Pardew’s frustrating tactical “genius”. Why we continue to hoof the ball into the air instead of playing it on the ground when all it does it create 50/50 chances is mindblowing.

    Anyway, Cattermole…

    Doesn’t seem the smartest of players but there’s no doubt that Martin O’Neil can change him. Defo not captain material though.

  9. Face up to the fact that cattermole lacks the ability of tiote on virtually all levels, and he tries to compensate for this by being a dirty player. He is a liability. Tiote over reacted to the elbow. but that doesn’t retract from the fact it was a clear red card and an idiotic thing for sessignon to do. Cattermole berated the ref and got what he deserved it was pointless and beyond stupid considering there is a cup tie round the corner. I have heard so many Sunderland fans blaming the ref or blaming tiote without looking at their own players shortcomings.

    And why are people blaming the ref for the fact the points were dropped when the overwhelming neutral consensus was the ref had a good game. Put simply safc won the first half and nufc won the second and frankly looked in control from the 46th minute largely due to Ben arfa.

    Compare the behaviour of the two captains yesterday and ask yourself is cattermole really the best captain for safc?

  10. I thought all the players showed “commitment” Davy. However, the other ten didn’t launch themselves like a Scud missile at the first thing they saw decked out in black and white stripes. Nor did they get themselves a completely unnecessary ban for their behaviour towards the referee when the game was over.

    That’s not “commitment,” just old fashioned stupidity. Anyone who sees a four game ban in such circumstances is as foolish as Cattermole has proved he is, time after time.

  11. Last year we got hammered 5 – 1 at Newcastle . The players showed a total lack of commitment and fight ; to berate Cattermole for showing these qualities this year is beyond belief . Tiote made far more fouls than Catts how he was still on the pitch after an hour is incredible . Nevertheless we didn’t roll over and Newcastle were fortunate to get a last minute miskick by Shola . If they are a team with european intentions then it bodes well for us next year when MON brings in a few of his own signings

  12. Joan’s personal comment (not M. Salut) I think Catts is learning and has toned down his tackling and general behaviour on the pitch. What he brings to the side outweighs the risk – there have been games when we’ve sorely missed him. Mind, I might not be saying that if he’d been sent off in the first minute. We can’t expect a total character change and under pressure he’ll revert to old ways but I think he’s trying to get sent off less

    • thank heavens there is someone else who thinks he is an idiot he spoils an other wise excellant site well worthy of its popularity i unfortunately have the same initials as him but hope i havent got the same small mindness i do agree davey he is totally differant player under mon

  13. My apologies Davey. I’d forgotten about you when I was describing Cattermole (above) as the world’s only surviving brain donor.

    When there’s a need to defend the indefensible Davy we can guarantee that you will appear from the shed at the bottom of your garden, unkempt, unshaven and ranting like the last Japanese soldier, still convinced that the war is still on.

    There is no doubt about Cattermole’s ability. That is not the issue here. The question is about his termperament, which even his staunchest advocates accept makes him a liability. Does his behaviour in the opening seconds and post final whistle make him the sort of character we should give the captain’s armband to? I really don’t think so.

    Keep on popping out from your allotment, to have a go at me. I was wondering what had happened to you. Good to see that your attempts to break in your remaining grey matter for a half wit has been such a success. If Cattermole ever gets back to Smogland I sincerely hope that he takes you with him.

  14. Keith Hutton africa:

    Come on, you were clearly the best team for the first 40 minutes of the game. After that Newcastle more or less dominated. Maybe you would have weathered the pressure with 11 men, but there were no dark arts around Sessegnon’s sending off. You raise your hand to another player, you go. It really is simple.

    It’s a derby; emotions ride high and people make stupid tackles. There were plenty of examples on both sides. In previous derbies Newcastle fans have accused Sunderland of having a game plan based on clattering us in the air. Par for the course.

    As for Pardew, his actions were daft but I wouldn’t go as far as calling them disgraceful. He can be a bit of an idiot (remember he did something very similar at West Ham which Wenger took exception to). In reality it wasn’t much worse than Campbell celebrating the goal in front of the East Stand. Let’s not blow either out of all proportion.

    • Micheal you seem a decent sort, but clearly Newcastle have a plan that is based on creating an immpression they are hurt when they are not, the only reason for this is deception to get an opposition player dismissed. I happen not to like this. Spiderman, Tiote and Cayobate did fantastic immpressions of Brian Phelps. Sunderland have had several players sent off against N’cstle in dubious circumstances and thank goodness the angelic Steven Taylor wasn’t playing. The frenchman was carried off on a stretcher a couple of weeks ago and the physio couldn’t find anything wrong with him. This is a culture that Newcastle have and have had for sometime. Pardew was a disgrace and acted like a small child throughout the game and critises our tactics. We dominated the game when we had 11 men and without the dark arts would have won comfortably but we didn’t

  15. your player was stupid enough to elbow ours in face during a derby match, with 30 mins to go and your 1 nil up. How exactly is that Tiotes fualt?? so he stays on his feet and your player gets a way with it, what would be the point in that???? you blew your best chance in years and now your 2 key players down for a couple of games. scum

    • If Tiote had staye in his feet, Sessd woudl still have go the red card. The ref was close enough to see what he did, but he was alos close enough to see Tiote’s reaction. He should have told him to either get up or stay where he was, but NOT allowed the physio on the field

  16. Typical BB with his pathetic name making , now he hasn’t got Bruce to deride he picks on Cattermole . Catss was the bes player on the pitch by a country mile yesterday . He has been a total revelation under MON – but of course BB doesn’t like him – so he has to go – Pathetic as ever

    • You are right that Catts was one of our best players but doesn’t that make it all the more frustrating that we now have to do without him in 3 important games because of his stupidity- and not even DURING the match! As much as i’m happy that MON seems to have changed his game for the better you just can’t trust the lad to stay on the pitch. He doesn’t seem to learn. It’s a shame cos he’s clearly a decent player but his temperament is questionable and as such is not mature enough to be club captain.

  17. Newcastle & Pardew Masters of the Black Arts, there is no doubt in my mind that the Newcastle team talk revolved around getting a player sent off who ever it was but Cats was their target and mlld mannered Sess was a bonus. Without the red card Newcastle were not in the game and even 11 v 10 looked devoid of ideas with a game plan built around intimadation. We fell for it or at least were victims of the dark arts, but Pardew was disgraceful and a reflection of what Newcastle have now become and that even for me is sad very sad. These single uncontrolled moments of indiscipline cost us all 3 points but there is no escaping we were the best team by far. The future for Sunderland is bright. Ref had a very good game

  18. Clatter ’em all’s a complete liability. To engage in such a rash tackle in the first 30 seconds of a derby match was foolish, to put it mildly. To further compound it, he then confirmed that we have the world’s only surviving brain donor wearing the captain’s armband by berating the referee at the end of the game.

    He’s not even a disaster waiting to happen. He has to be peddled in the summer. He’s unreliable, reckless and worst of all doesn’t learn or demonstrate any capacity to change from what we’ve seen.

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