Sunderland play Bolton Wanderers: who will win the ‘Guess the Score’ mug?

Jake challenges you ...

This modest competition has been blamed for everything from the extreme right’s rise in French politics to Sunderland’s goal-free April.

… but Monsieur Salut believes that if he is prepared to live in a town surrounded by supporters of Marine Le Pen, Salut! Sunderland readers can be trusted to enter a simple contest without putting a curse on the Lads’ matchday prospects.

Guess the Score lives to fight another day.

Usual rules: be the first to post the correct score, which we sincerely hope will contain a first number that is larger than the second, and a Martin O’Neill ”Team of all Talent” mug will be sent to you (do not consult Bill or Jake; they’ll only whinge that delivery can be sluggish, though M Salut can fairly blame Ms Le Pen for that).

If you feel the slogan is a little ambitious, bear in mind that it continues ”work in progress”. The Lads must surely realise they not only owe it to the supporters to turn in a really good performance of the sort we saw regularly only a few weeks ago, but are also – at least in some cases – fighting for their own futures.

And if any of them starts up some dressing room banter about where they’re going for their holidays – bearing in mind that some already seem to have gone away, or should that be awry? – it is Martin O’Neill’s duty to remind them that a finishing place lower than Steve Bruce’s 10th is unacceptable.

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By the way, Bolton fans drawn to the site by the headline can

* be assured they can enter the comp, too, and – if the winner- receive a suitably modified mug design

* go to the home page and have a read of what a couple of their fellow Trotters make of Bolton’s season

Monsieur Salut’s decision will be final.

Monsieur Salut, by Matt

20 thoughts on “Sunderland play Bolton Wanderers: who will win the ‘Guess the Score’ mug?”

  1. Adrian is the winner. But so is Steve Tweddle who tweeted 2-2. I told Facebook group members to make sure they posted entries here but not Twitter followers so I will do the decent thing. Steve accordingly gets a mug, too. Adrian: send me your postal address to

    Salut! Sunderland seems to be giving more than Sunderland just now

  2. It’s between Adrian and someone onTwitter (possibly also Adrian; settling matters!). All to be cleared up soon.

  3. Although I blame this competition for everything from the price of petrol to the deluge of biblical proportions that is currently preventing Durham CCC from collecting any batting or bowling points, I must once again cast aside my principles and predict a 1-1 stalemate.

  4. Sunderland 0-2 Bolton

    We’re struggling to score and the lads look as though they’re already on holiday. Larrsson, Gardner and Ricco all out plus Bolton are battling for their lives. They actually manged to beat a poor Villa side, something we couldn’t do.

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