Guess the Score at Fulham: would only a mug try?

Jake challenges you ...

We must live in hope that the Lads have all got their hols sorted, tickets filed away into a safe drawer and lasses purring at the thought of Dubai or Denbigh. Then they can concentrate on winning … it would be a nice feeling for us, albeit one they’ve hardly accustomed us to of late …

… for the last-but-one time this season, Monsieur Salut is prepared to buy yet another mug for the non-mug who gets the score right. Guess the Score moves for Sunday only to Craven Cottage.

Usual rules: be the first to post the correct score, which we sincerely hope will contain a second number that is larger than the first (easy change of text from last week; let’s hope it works this time), and a Martin O’Neill ”Team of all Talents” mug will be sent to you. The slogan is a little ambitious but continues ”work in progress”.

Jake demands 100 per cent, expects 50-ish

If a Fulham guess wins – entries close at kickoff time – the mug’s design will be changed accordingly, if M Salut’s online editing skills prove up to it.

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Monsieur Salut’s decision will be final.

Monsieur Salut, by Matt

13 thoughts on “Guess the Score at Fulham: would only a mug try?”

  1. Phil wins: another expensive postage job! Congrats Phil: can you email me your address pse?

  2. Fulham 4 Sunderland 2

    They’re already on their holidays and who wants to go to Ayia Napa in a plaster cast?

  3. FA Cup,Carling Cup or Salut Mug. Which one would you rather have gracing your mantelpiece at the end of the season? As the first two are long gone, I guess it’ll have to be the mug. My feeble attempt is a 2-2 draw.

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