Predictions league:Sunderland, Reading, Chelsea, Newcastle, Norwich, QPR – how will they fare?

If we can all just take a deep breath. Let’s separate our excited selves from the fact that we’ve landed a proven goalscorer, and that it remains a strong possibility Adam Johnson is to follow him into the Stadium of Light. As we’re all aware, the Salut predictions league season is now underway and personally, I think it’s a much more pressing matter. Now I’m all for getting joyous over transfer dealings, but priorities people. PRIORITIES!!!

Eventually, after a delay brought on by T-Mobile*, here are this weeks predictions:

How the Salut team spend their Fridays!

Sunderland v Reading:

Goldy: This feel good factor better not let us down here, and I’m positive it won’t. I’ve had it in my head all week long that Saha will score the first and Fletcher will come off the bench to score the second. He did sign in time right? It’s 2-0 regardless.

Jeremy: Good home start for SAFC against a team that frightened Chelsea earlier this week. Reading won’t enjoy the trip north. 2-0

John Mc: Signings lift the crowd. The crowd lifts the team. Back four hold firm, midfield push up & we overwhelm Reading. 2-0.

The rest: Luke 2-1. Robert 2-0. Sixer 3-1. Colin 2-1. Malcolm 3-0. Bill 3-1. Jake 2-0.

Chelsea v Newcastle:

Robert: Two of my least favorite teams square off in this one, and I’d love to be able to pick both teams to lose. Chelsea played midweek against Reading, and Newcastle played Thursday in Greece in their Europa League campaign. I think the combination of weariness of travel and a Thursday game will give Chelsea the edge and I suspect they’ll squeeze out a 2-1 win.

Bill: Having to work as hard as they did against Reading will wake Chelski up a little bit. “Pusher” Pardew wasn’t even bothering to take the likes of Ba, Tiote and Ameobi to Greece for Thursday’s Europa League game (you might ask what the point is of being in Europe if you’re going to play reserves) but the Maggots still won’t quite have caught their breath by Saturday, even with a later game start. One consolation goal, probably to Ba, and that’ll be it. 3-1.

Malcolm: This could be the game when two goal Torres benefits from his recent confidence boost .3-1

The rest: Luke 1-1. Colin 3-1. Sixer 2-0. Jeremy 3-1. John Mc 2-0. Goldy 2-1. Jake 3-0.

Norwich v Q.P.R:

Luke: Norwich respond better of the 5-0 defeat teams and manage to sneak passed QPR. Hughes starts to feel the pressure already so signs up 8 new players to remedy the situation. 2-1

Sixer: 2-2; or it could be 7-7 or 0-0. Rangers have signed 17 defenders this week, while Norwich appear to have rumbled Michael Turner. Could be interesting.

Colin: Bizarre sounding forecast but I wouldn’t put it past QPR to bounce back and give Turner another unhappy day at the office. He’ll save his blinder for when Norwich play us. 2-2.

The rest: Jeremy: 0-0. John Mc 1-1. Goldy 2-1. Bill 2-0. Robert 1-2. Malcolm 1-1. Jake 0-0.

*This is the bit where I should give you my opinion of T-Mobile but the sub editor has censored it because of his respect for the laws of libel!

10 thoughts on “Predictions league:Sunderland, Reading, Chelsea, Newcastle, Norwich, QPR – how will they fare?”

  1. I am over the moon and delighted Steven fletcher and Adam Johnson have signed for SAFC well done MON and Mr Short for putting your hand in your pocket I am more optimistic about the season now we need quality not quantity and that’s what you have got with these two players I now hope they fetch the best out of our other players can’t wait to see them I love my club HOWAY THE LADS,,

  2. 2-1 newcastle ben arfa n cisse and a hazard goal. 1-1 half time and newcastle to nick it around 70mins+ man of the match performance from tiote or ben arfa 🙂

  3. Obviously you don’t know much about Newcastle or Europe. Firstly, Ba, Tiote and Ameobi were all injured, hence why they didn’t make the journey. Secondly, who would play a full strength squad, across the other side of the med, 48 hours before they play Chelsea. Yeah, think about it.

    • was probably too excited at the goings on here this week to notice. Let you get on with your thing and we’ll just get on with ours.

    • Obviously the entire first choice team didn’t play in the match in Greece, but I remember Sunderland playing a Stoke side after some of their squad played in a Europa league match on a Thursday. Ended in a 4-0 win for the lads. I still think Newcastle would have rather not played again so quickly. In fact, they were pushing hard to have the match moved to Sunday.

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