Salut!’s Predictions League: Chelsea beating Newcastle, QPR’s draw at Norwich, force movement

Jake assesses the quality of our panel

Stephen Goldsmith
made a rod for his own back when he devised a Predictions League. Bright idea but these things have a habit of needing to be maintained. He’ll learn. In the meantime, here’s how last weekend’s three selected games affected the table …

Well, seeing as though it’s very nearly prediction time again, it is high time the league table was updated and displayed.

It should have been ready for Monday or Tuesday – as it was last week – only for the articles that reflected the postponed fixture from Saturday, as well as the pre and post Morecambe pieces, resulting in it being pushed back a couple of days. Ok, that’s not strictly true but it’s my story and I’m sticking with it …

There was a stewards’ inquiry regarding the gaffer’s predictions in relation to the Norwich v QPR fixture.

Displaying an attention span best likened to that of a moth and his round trips to the light bulb, I appeared to duplicate Pete’s 2-2 prediction rather than implement Colin’s own forecast.

Despite him pleading that he had nabbed his first 3 points with a correct score of 1-1, I managed to resurface the email out the old inbox and observe that, in fact, it was a scoreline of 2-3 that he had plumped for. This is akin to conceding a last minute winner I believe. Cries of Cheat, Cheat, Cheat …

Having a look at the table we can see that everybody is off the mark at least, although the predictions from Sunderland’s game are obviously void due to the August weather playing havoc with the pitch.

This has surely cost people even more points as I really struggle to see how the feel-good factor could have resulted in anything other than three points for the lads. Then again, when looking at my success rate in this feature I would be inclined to question my judgement on that front.

John Mac has raced into pole position with a maximum six points over the weekend, with Sixer and Malcom also big movers. I will declare myself in 7th place despite the reality of that amounting to the same as being joint second bottom but will remind everybody that it’s a marathon not a sprint.

That we need to take one game at a time. That the season doesn’t end in … ok you see what I’m doing. Sadly, no amount of failed attempts of adding humour through the medium of old football clichés will mask my, let’s say, nervy start to the season.

                                                Correct Results                          Correct Scores                   Points
John McCormick                             3                                                2                                          7
Luke Harvey                                      2                                                1                                          4
Malcom Dawson                               2                                                1                                          4
Robert Simmons                              2                                                1                                          4
Sixer                                                      2                                                1                                          4
Colin Randall                                     2                                                0                                          2
Goldy                                                    2                                                0                                          2
Jake                                                       2                                                0                                          2
Jeremy Robson                                2                                                0                                          2
Bill Taylor                                            1                                                0                                          1

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