Chelsea came calling before Arsenal’s credit downgrade

The Chelsea Blog repeated last season’s exercise and popped a few questions our way about 2011-2012.

No great original thought appears in the replies, but I place them on record so that Salut! Sunderland readers can:

* Tell me I’m spot on

* Offer a sharper assessment

* Come back later to tell me to say how wrong I was

I’d also add that my answers would be slightly different had the questions been posed today and not a couple of weeks ago.

News from the Emirates, for example, would have made me wonder about Arsenal’s chances of making the top four. I hate to say it but fear our opponents for tomorrow’s opening game will sneak in and grab the Gunners’ slot … that is a shame because M Salut is a fully paid-up admirer of M Wenger and would be sad to see his club slip down the pecking order.

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You want optimism; here are happy noises from the Zoo

Predictions, predictions … everyone’s at it, with the possible exception of the young lady photographed (you’ll need to buy Zoo or go to their site, link below, if you disapprove of the tasteful crop). Us? We cannot predict whether the matches will be on, thanks to the activities of the National Association of Scummy Toe-rags and Yobs (NASTY), but we do have good feelings about the new season once it is allowed to get under way …

When we ran Luke Harvey’s upbeat piece, looking forward to the new season with unabated joy, one or two Salut! Sunderland readers warmly welcomed what one, Davey, called “a refreshing change from all the doom and gloom merchants writing here”.

Well, here is some more of the same medicine.

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