Predictions League: Swansea, Sunderland, Newcastle, Villa, Wigan, Stoke – how will they fare?

Jake assesses the quality of our panel

Stephen Goldsmith writes: at the time of writing, I had no human e-mail response from Luke this week. As there was some sort of automated nonsense with the word ‘vacation’ in it, I’m guessing he may be on holiday so hasn’t read my initial one to reply to …

As my wrists – recently slapped- are needing to go to work to get this out this evening, we may have to give him a ‘game in hand’, or just say ‘tough luck’. Suggestions welcomed. Let’s to it then as I need to go home and prepare myself for the thrilling viewing (or inevitable anti-climax) of transfer deadline day, and Jim White enjoying it a little too much. With Sess and the new boys putting pen to paper earlier this week, we can all relax and not infuriate ourselves with the lack of activity by the Jim has finished hyperventilating.

The predictions are as follows.

Swansea City v Sunderland:

Goldy: I have always bleated on about how the law of averages are relevant in football. I have yet to really been back this up with any substantial evidence, yet here I am about to do it again. The notion that Swansea aren’t good enough to win three games on the bounce in the Premier League still holds strong in my view. Our new firepower only adds to belief we’ll sneak a 1-0 win.

John Mac: Tight defence sees off early pressure, we get into the game and our pace getting it forward creates winning chances.

Jake: The premier League’s (joint) meanest defence will all but stem the flood of goals from Swansea and our newly potent strike force will get at least a couple. (NURSE! MEDICATION!!) 1-2.

The rest: Jeremy:1-3. Colin: 0-2. Sixer: 0-1. Malcolm: 2-2. Bill: 1-2. Robert: 1-2.

Newcastle v Aston Villa:

Sixer: Bent grabs double as Pardew takes chain saw to linesman. 1-2.

Bill: Villa are already starting to seem like contenders for the drop this season. The Mags, flat-footed as they looked at Stamford Bridge, should cruise this one at home. 3-0.

Robert: Both teams are coming off disappointing performances last week but Aston Villa, who are sitting dead last in the table, will be desperate to get a result. So far Villa have looked very poor in every match and there is very little reason to suggest that their fortunes will change this week. As much as it pains me to do this, I think Newcastle will earn a comfortable 3-1 win.

The Rest: Goldy 2-0. John Mac: 2-0. Jeremy: 2-1. Colin: 2-0. Jake: 2-0. Malcolm: 3-0.

Wigan v Stoke CityJeremy: I’m going for the scoreless draw simply because it seems unimaginable that this fixture could end goalless. I haven’t got a handle on either of these two sides so far this season, in all honesty but I think that this will be the year that Wigan get relegated, even if that upsets Salut’s old friend Bernard Ramsdale. I quite like Wigan and Roberto Martinez and I’d love them to upset the Potters just as some sort of schadenfreude for all that nonsense we had on Salut with one of their fans a while back. I just don’t see it and a home point is the best they can hope for. No Rodallega, and now no Moses to lead them out of the wilderness. Tough afternoon in Lancashire. 0-0.

Colin: Wigan have a habit of blowing hot and cold. I’ll hazard a guess at an away win. 1-2

Malcolm: Could be anything this with the cloggers of the Potteries against the flair of the Piemen. I’ll go for a draw. 1-1.

The rest: Goldy: 2-1. John Mac: 1-1. Jake: 0-0. Sixer: 3-1. Bill: 2-2. Robert:1-2.

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  1. Wonderfully taken brace from Steven Fletcher will have made Martin O’Neill’s week a whole lot better and helped to justify the large transfer fee. Let’s hope that the Lads can hang on and emerge victorious from the Liberty Stadium

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