Swansea got five. We want one …

Jake asks the question

No, not another piece drawing attention to Sunderland’s slight problem with that annoying but persistent need to score goals if football matches are to be won. All will doubtless fall into place once the transfer window closes and Martin O’Neill has assembled his desired squad. Indeed, we may even seen the Lads score a hatful against Reading on Saturday with or without new faces in the team.

But this is a plaintive plea to supporters of Swansea City to descend from that euphoric place in the clouds, to which they were transported by a sensational five-goal start to the season at Loftus Road, and come to the aid of Salut! Sunderland.

We actually need only one or two of them, but the need for the first is pressing. Our Lads play their Lads at Swansea on Saturday Sept 1 and Salut! is short of of one of their supporters to answer questions in the customary Who Are You? interview prior to the game.

A similar appeal last season produced superb volunteers and terrific sets of answers.

Swansea volunteers with something to say for themselves and about their club should contact me at colinrandall1@gmail.com or by leaving a message in the comment field below (making sure to use a genuine e-mail address which will not show on the site but is visible to me). If I hear from two willing candidates, that would cover both games between our clubs this season.

Interviewees can plug their own favourite site or anything within reason in the knowledge that their words will be seen by supporters of Sunderland and Swansea alike.

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Monsieur Salut, by Matt

2 thoughts on “Swansea got five. We want one …”

  1. We’ve got to get Fletcher in or some out-and-out goal scorer. The other names being bandied around like Johnson, Jenas and Rose don’t make my spine tingle. If we have to pay over the odds, then so be it, on this occasion. We’ve got little choice. If we do get Johnson that means Larsson on the bench, and then we’re missing the best dead ball specialist in the league. Was he our joint top scorer last season?…. or thereabouts. Johnson is maybe better in terms of speed and trickery and is more of a “threat” that might unnerve any back four, but I’d like to see Larsson start. Plus, Johnson’s work ethic is not quite that of Larsson’s. He’s a bit inconsistent. Would Johnson be dashing back to cover Gardner or the Bard like Larsson?
    Let’s concentrate on getting a striker. I’ve got a feeling that Sunderland are going to stump up the cash this week for Fletcher.

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