Martin’s Musings on Liverpool: fair’s fair but let’s hear it for Colback and Gardner

Martin O’Neill‘s post-match e-mail recognises that Liverpool hardly robbed us but praises a good team effort and some outstanding individual performances …

Dear Colin,

I was delighted with the first-half performance. The team were a goal in front and the players gave as good as they got.

It was a terrific effort considering we had a number of members of the squad who are still not properly fit – as the weeks go on we’ll get stronger.

Craig Gardner did exceptionally well in the build-up to the goal – he earned that little bit of luck.

He managed to get past two players and drove a great ball in for [Steven] Fletcher to put it in the back of the net to get his third goal in two matches. That will be a big boost for him.

Gardner was great today and [Jack] Colback was also outstanding – there were a number of very good performances.

Jake's take

However, it was always going to be difficult with Liverpool searching for that equalising goal. Not many in the stadium would say that they didn’t deserve it.

We gave the ball away a little bit in the second half and I think that is something we must improve on.

When we’re under pressure in games we need to be able to take the sting out of matches.

It was disappointing to concede the goal, especially at a point where we just getting back into the game in terms of possession.

I’m delighted we weren’t beaten – Liverpool probably deserved their equaliser.

All the best,

Martin O’Neill

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5 thoughts on “Martin’s Musings on Liverpool: fair’s fair but let’s hear it for Colback and Gardner”

  1. Personally I though Larsson imporved as the game went on, McClean wasted possession throughout and put his full back under pressure on several occasions. I would have preferred to see Kilgallon rather than Bramble for Cuellar, then we might have avoided the lovely little lay-off to Suarez for their equaliser.

    • I’d have prefered Killgallon too I think. A Bramble short of match practice is a not an encouraging thing.
      Killgallon has some good points but he can get a little outmuscled and caught out in an aerial battle sometimes.

    • Can’t agree enough about Kilgallon – other than to add that I personally would rather blood John Egan or Louis Laing than Bramble. They might learn something about playing at this level, whereas Bramble…need I go on? Apparently not…

  2. I thought that Sterling and Johnson looked dangerous against Gardner and Rose.
    Thought Fletcher did well and Cattermole and especially Mignolet who saved us a point. Overall Liverpool edged it and deserved more but we defended manfully. Had Adam JOhnson been in we may have edged it.
    I’m kind of happy that Fletcher seemingly doesn’t need many chnaces to score, but I thought Sess was off form a litle and McClean was a little quiet too (perhaps feeling sheepish after his tweeting).
    Oh well, on the bright side, 3 games against very good teams and 3 points. Could be worse I suppose.

    • Agree whole heartedly with your comments, but would add Larsson to Sess and McClean as a player out of sorts today. Its always going to tough with three players below par.

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