Salut! Predictions: Arsenal, Chelsea, Sunderland, Wigan, Newcastle, Reading. How will they fare?

I have been having problems with my e mails again. I will save myself from editing my own insults thrown in the direction of T-Mobile by just stating that patience with them is often tested. I’m sure Bill will have e-mailed me but I can’t find the proof so will take his word for whatever scores he tells me when he gets in touch.

How the Salut team spend their Fridays!

Regarding the Arsenal game, it may have been easier to ask who didn’t think it would end up 2-1 to The Gunners. At the time of writing that’s still a possibility as it’s finally poised at 1-1.

Sunderland v Wigan

Goldy: Wigan have an alarmingly decent record here in the Premier League. I also think they won’t need that miraculous run of form from March to keep them safe this year. On paper their style is made to allow Martin O’Neill’s tactics to prevail. 2-1.

Colin: They may give Sunderland a fright today by either scoring first or equalising. But, I think we have to win and we will do just that. 2-1.

Robert:4 games, 4 goals, 4 leads lost, 4 draws, 4 points. I’m seeing a pattern for Sunderland but I think it ends against Wigan. I expect us to be a little more aggressive and try and get all 3 points in front of the home crowd. We’ll walk away 3-1 winners.

The rest: Jake 3-0. John Mac 3-0. Bill 2-0. Sixer 3-1. Malcolm 2-0. Jeremy 2-1.

Reading v Newcastle

John Mac: A game which includes some rough play as both teams try to show they can mix it up. Bookings for both sides. Not a lot of chances, both teams score because of defensive lapses. 1-1

Malcolm: The Mags will be cheesed off by the Biscuitmen but annoyingly Cisse will score. Having fancied them to turn over the Villa and stick three past The Canaries I am downgrading my predictions of the Mags. A few weeks ago I would have fancied them to go home with all three points but now I can’t even think they’ll get one.2-1.

Sixer: As the impossibly smug Pardew basks in the glory of his new 8 year contract, he will see his team scrape a point at the epitome of Home Counties football that is Reading.1-1.

The rest: Jake: 1-1. Robert 1-2. Goldy 1-1. Bill 0-2. Jeremy 0-0. Colin 0-2.

Arsenal v Chelsea

Jake: Arsenal have started well and don’t seem to be missing Van Persie up front. Chelsea, annoyingly, have also started well but I think Arse’s Arse will stick it up them and the Gunners will win 2-1.

Jeremy: Terry’s fine and FA decision will be weighing on him and his team mates. Wenger boys to take the points in this London derby. 2-1.

Bill: Chelski have been a bit hit and miss but this should be a fairly comfortable win, giving Whinger something else to wenge about. 1-2

The rest: John Mac 2-1. Goldy: 2-1. Robert 2-1. Sixer:2-1. Malcolm 1-2. Colin 2-4.

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    • Gut feeling John and if Ba hadn’t have handled the ba’ I would have got that one right too! Unfortunately I haven’t time to get a lottery ticket before the £19 million rollover!

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