Salut! Predictions League: Sunderland and Hammers draw, Newcastle, Man United both win

Jake assesses the quality of our panel

Stephen Goldsmithwrites: It can be a cruel game this football carry on. Not only did chicken dancing, Sunderland slaying Kevin Nolan nab a point for West Ham against the lads in the last minute on Saturday; he cost me three points in the Salut! Predictions League. How DARE he!

 As that gifted 3 points to Colin and Jake, both rather predictably leap-frog me in the table. It’s a sorry state of affairs indeed when you have to rely on a Newcastle win to gain yourself a solitary point.

As Malcolm’s e-mails notifying me of the league standings get quicker by the week, it’s safe to assume that he is going well at the top of the table, along with the reliable John Mac. There was nobody who went pointless this weekend, though Jeremy remains the only person yet to predict a correct scoreline this season. As I am sucked back down towards the basement like some sort of metal object towards this huge magnet of despair, I can only but be glad there was no wagers placed on final league standings.

Colin is actually only above me on the alphabetical technicality. Nope, that statement didn’t make me feel any better.

 Here’s the table:

  Correct Results Correct Scores Points
John McCormick 7 3 13
Malcolm Dawson 7 3 13
Robert Simmons 5 2 9
Sixer 5 2 9
Jake 6 1 8
Bill Taylor 5 1 7
Colin Randall 4 1 6
Goldy 4 1 6
Jeremy Robson 4 0 4


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  1. I done something similar a few years back and done really well, hence the selfish concept behind the idea of the feature. As Bill says, those spoilt footballers are conspiring against me.

    I haven’t had a go at Villa on here for a while so I blame them!!

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