Salut!’s prediction league: Sunderland, Swansea, Newcastle, Villa, Wigan & Stoke all draw

Jake assesses the quality of our panel

Stephen Goldsmith writes: You can all stop laughing. It’s quite expected really that this whole thing is my idea and I currently prop up the table. In fact it’s inevitable; I’m destined to finish there too. I might just start copying John Mac’s predictions every week as I have the power to do so.

Seriously though, one of the things I like about this feature is that having to predict results for Sunderland and Newcastle throws up the classic “heart v head” scenario that makes for interesting analysis. With that in mind, I’m not sure which is the most depressing development this week, the reality that I gave in to Newcastle v Villa looking a home banker and, when nothing of the sort happened, being left pointless from it anyway. Or the fact that Luke Harvey didn’t even predict this week (think his e-mail account has been hacked, but he may have been on holiday too – ed). This, in effect handed us all an extra three games, and I couldn’t even make up a point on him.

Fortune has favoured the brave in regards to the results at the Liberty Stadium and the DW Stadium this week. When going for a score draw it’s generally much safer to plump for 1-1 but the two 2-2 scorelines in the aforementioned games have propelled Bill and Malcolm up the table.

This is how the panel predicted the three selected games going:

I’m actually taking great heart from the fact that Bill was in my position last week and now finds himself third. I also happen to think that I’m trying to convince myself here.

At the back of my mind, I guess, I always thought this feature could potentially drum up some in-house banter in the comments sections of these pieces. Goading, excuses and biting would all become prevalent on weekly basis. Looking at my league position, I think it’s a godsend on my behalf that this hasn’t materialised (you have to be mildly critical of Villa or mention Newcastle at all for that, Goldy – ed).

  Correct result Correct score Points
John McCormick 4 2 8
Malcolm Dawson 4 2 8
Bill Taylor 2 1 4
Luke Harvey 2 1 4
Robert Simmons 2 1 4
Sixer 2 1 4
Jake 3 0 3
Jeremy Robson 3 0 3
Colin 2 0 2
Goldy 2 0 2


6 thoughts on “Salut!’s prediction league: Sunderland, Swansea, Newcastle, Villa, Wigan & Stoke all draw”

  1. Just for a laugh, we should include “Lawro” from the BBC website every week with his predictions for the three games. I think we’d all wind up doing better than him.

  2. To be fair, Colin is only above me due the fact his name begins with a ‘C’ whereas mine begins with a ‘G’.

    Something else I can blame my parents for…

    I should have put him down as ‘Monsieur’, then he would be bottom. My finger is hovering over the edit button.

  3. You’ll get no goading from me as these things have a habit of turning round and biting you on the bum.

    Can’t help but feel that M. Salut missed a trick in his quest for a large hit rate. A headline something like “Pathetic Mags disappoint as they fail to turn over small club Villa.” would do.

    I reckon that would have reeled in a few dozen abusive rants with Mags’ fans saying “You Mackems are crap at everything” because we all tipped the bar codes to win (except Sixer of course) and Brummies going “you’ll never be a big club cos we won the European Cup and MON is a s*** manager anyway.”

  4. After my (and the Mags) pathetic showing at the weekend I expected to be stranded at the bottom of the league. Not so, Randall & Goldsmith are even crapper than me at this! A fierce relegation battle looks certain, with demotion to what league? Is there a prediction league pyramid?

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