Predictions: Sunderland, Citeh, Newcastle, Man Utd, Wigan, Everton. How Will They Fare?

Stephen Goldsmith writes: my inability to receive e-mails appears to be improving as only Jake’s predictions are still missing. If his predictions appear in addition to this paragraph then it’s safe to assume he’s been back in touch. Like hell am I re-doing it!

Some interesting and optimistic predictions have landed in my inbox regarding our game (due to kick off) and Malcolm and I are the only ones to appear to be a little realistic/negative (delete relevant option post match). The general mood in and around Salut! in the last couple of days appears to be one of misguided optimism. Why attend games if we’re going to lose, right? While that’s all well and good, if I didn’t bother going to games that I thought we’d lose then I’d have given up when Brett Angell led our line. Or when Mick McCarthy fooled you all.

The predictions are:

Man City v Sunderland

Goldy: I can’t dress this up in any way. Despite us taking more points of Man City than anyone else last season, I just feel we aren’t a good enough side to produce these performances, against a side like this, three times in a row. Add that to the dressing down they’ll surely get post Champions League performance and I reckon we’re on the end of a very comfortable defeat. 2-0.

John Mac: We can’t keep Man City out despite some stout defending and heroics from Ming and go behind. But we keep at it and scramble a goal to save the point. 1-1.

Colin: 2-2. I have no idea where the belief comes from, but it is there. Fletcher to score at least once.

The rest: Jeremy 2-2. Bill 1-1. Sixer 1-2. Robert 1-1. Malcolm 3-0. Jake 1-0.

Newcastle v Man United

Sixer: Fergie wants revenge for the battering they took last season; the Mags are not the team they were last year and I see them losing the next two league games. 0-2.

Malcolm: Although both teams have had to play European ties this week it will upset the Mag’s preparations more than the Mancs. 1-3

Robert: Both of these teams seem to have luck on their side this season. Neither team has looked especially sharp to start the season but both teams have picked up a good number of points from their matches. I expect Tiote to control the midfield but Manchester United have a little too much up front against an injury depleted back line for Newcastle and I think Man United will win. 1-2.

The rest: Jeremy 1-3. Goldy 0-2. Bill 1-2. John Mac 0-2. Colin 1-3. Jake 1-3.

Wigan v Everton

Jeremy: This is a tricky one to predict, despite the current league standings which perhaps flatter Everton and do something of a disservice to Roberto (and Bernard’s) Latics. My soft spot for all things Wigan will have to be set aside for a second week running as head rules heart. Wigan 1 Everton 2. Erhm……no I can’t do that. Owner Dave Whelan’s former business closed its doors this week (JJB Sports). He will have been sorry to see 2200 people lose their jobs, but I’m sure Dave will be happier with this result come 5-00pm on Saturday. Wigan 1- Everton 1

Bill: The Latics didn’t give us an easy time last weekend and they’ll make Everton work for their three points, too. The Toffees aren’t invincible and Jordi Gomez has (quite rightly) had his 3-match ban lifted but I can’t see much joy for the home crowd.1-3.

Jake: Everton’s customary bad start to the season hasn’t materialised this time, but Wigan will spoil the toffee-nosed Scousers’ day by holding them to a 1:1 draw

The rest: Goldy: 1-1. Sixer 1-3. John Mac 0-2. Colin 1-2. Robert 1-3. Malcolm 1-2.

10 thoughts on “Predictions: Sunderland, Citeh, Newcastle, Man Utd, Wigan, Everton. How Will They Fare?”

  1. Keep saying it! Larson is not good enough to play central midfield – in a two man midfield! Worrying lack of presence in there with him and Colback.

  2. My head said 3-0 but so what? When it comes to making a prediction I’m a Sunderland supporter and could never go with a score like that. Malcolm ought to be disbarred!

    From what I saw we were outplayed and can’t argue with 3-0.

    • If you look on the win a mug page I put us down for a 5-0 win. But when the head takes over I couldn’t really see us getting anything today. Besides I’ve followed Sunderland for 50 years so I’m definitely of the glass half empty persuasion!

  3. despite the current league standings which perhaps flatter Everton

    How do you work that one out?

    Everton have been playing some good football,and deserve to be where they are. Now I can’t see it lasting all season,but our position in the league does not flatter us,in fact,if we hadn’t been robbed against Newcastl, we’d have two more points.

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