Salut! Predictions League: Predictable derby draw sees no correct predictions

Stephen Goldsmith writes: Despite the well documented fact that Sunderland have only won once at home to Newcastle  since the invention of the wheel, it goes without saying that not one of us predicted anything other than a home win on Sunday.

John McCormick admitted that he always predicts with the heart when it comes to the lads’ results, which gives me an automatic inferiority complex as it’s now clear that by him constantly predicting a Black Cats win, it means I should be in a better position than him due to the sheer numerical advantage – yet I’m nowhere near him in the table.

Jake assesses the quality of our panel


Whatever it was that people used to predict with for our game – heart or head – nobody scored from it.  Only Bill, Malcolm and Colin scored from the Spurs v Chelsea game, however none of the above got the exact score right.

All in all, a notable lack of movement in the table – something that the Sunderland midfield can surely relate to! Malcolm’s e-mails now come attached with the obligatory note reminding me that he’s not bragging about his league position, which means he’s clearly doing exactly that.

Here’s the table marras:

  Correct Results Correct Scores Points
Malcolm Dawson 12 5 22
John McCormick 10 3 16
Bill Taylor 9 2 13
Jake 11 1 13
Sixer 8 2 12
Goldy 9 1 11
Robert Simmons 7 2 11
Colin Randall 8 1 10
Jeremy Robson 8 0 8




5 thoughts on “Salut! Predictions League: Predictable derby draw sees no correct predictions”

  1. What I think could be interesting would be a “League of Shame” predictions competition.

    Entrants would have to nominate 3 players who would be reported as “diving” by (say) any 3 [preordained] of the national broadsheets, in any round of Premier League fixtures.

    The only stipulation would have to be that Luis Suarez could only feature in less than half of an individual’s predictions – otherwise it would become too predictable.

    The prize could be a “mug’s mug”, presented/sent to the highest perpetrator and an “I recognise mugs” to the league winner.

    I’ll get my coat!

  2. What if I thought of putting 2-4 for Spurs v Chelsea and still got the two goal margin right? Surely that merits a bonus point or tw

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