Salut! Predictions League. Stoke, Sunderland stalemate and Newcastle flukey win over Baggies

Stephen Goldsmith writes: Seems like I was the big mover over the weekend; nudging the normally vocal Jake down a place due to the alphabetical technicality. Gerrin!

Jake not bragging about catching Malcolm anymore

Only myself and Jeremy decided that the two draw specialists of the league – us and Stoke – would erm… draw and I was actually the only person to score in all three games. Not that I took any satisfaction from seeing Newcastle score a flukey late goal in a game they were poor in. They will be quick to point out that Black Cats salvaged a point against them in very similar fashion last week – and that these things even themselves out over the course of a season. I hope they’re right. Considering the two legitimate goals that Everton had ruled out against them and the illegal goal that Ba claimed to earn a point at Reading, we should all look forward to a couple of games in which ‘things even out’ for them.

Most of us went for a Newcastle win, however, and Sixer claimed all three points for getting the exact scoreline correct. See Pete, all is not lost for you in football yet. Jeremy has a very decent ten correct results and is unfortunate that none have quite progressed into an exact score for him –  but I’m sure he’ll have his eye on Robert now. I’m pretty sure most of our American friend’s points came in the first couple of weeks. His form is akin to a Peter Reid/Steve Bruce collapse.

Here’s the table:

  Correct Results Correct Scores Points
Malcolm Dawson 13 5 23
John McCormick 11 3 17
Sixer 9 3 15
Goldy 12 1 14
Jake 12 1 14
Bill Taylor 9 2 13
Colin Randall 9 1 11
Robert Simmons 7 2 11
Jeremy Robson 10 0 10

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