Salut Reflections: Moyes attacks divers ahead of Everton v Liverpool

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Here’s a Salut! Reflections
exclusive. We had a mole at the full dress rehearsal of David Moyes’s pre-derby team talk and it went something like this …


Right lads, I know most of you can read but in case anyone missed this, I’d like to repeat some words I used when speaking to the press about the big game. They interpreted it as being about Suarez and I can hardly deny the cheating sod was in my mind. But it goes further – I was having a go at diving generally and my message to you all now is to be on your guard and not do anything that would enable Suarez or anyone else to tumble to the floor and get a penalty or dangerous free kick …

Leon Osman:

… can I have a word, boss?


Not just yet. Listen to me first. This is a wake-up call for football; as I told the reporter from the Daily Mail, it will turn supporters away from the game if they think players are conning their way to results.


Now, boss?

Moyes: Be patient, young man. To continue what I was telling the media: people like to see things done in the main correctly. If the ball hits a hand, of course you are going to claim for it. And you will take every decision you get. But when people are out to manufacture it, supporters in general will not like it. .. players should stay on their feet. I have got a view that retrospective viewing of diving should be seen as more important than some of the technology they are talking about coming in. I think if you banned players, it wouldn’t take long before you cut (diving) out.

That’s it, lads. Get out there and show Liverpool what you can do but beware the divers in their side … oh Leon, you wanted to say something?


Yeah, boss. I just wanted to know if going into the penalty area at the Stadium of Light, falling over your own feet with no Sunderland player anywhere in sight, raising your arms as you crash to earth and getting Howard Webb to give you the penalty that saves us a point counts as the sort of dive that’s turning people away from the game.

Moyes: Not at all, Leon. Howard’s a great ref and we deserved it.

3 thoughts on “Salut Reflections: Moyes attacks divers ahead of Everton v Liverpool”

  1. You know Baz, I completely missed his apology along those lines!

    And I know Suarez has defenders lurking. Sorry if your comment comes after I’ve gone to bed and awaits moderation …

  2. I think you misunderstand a few things Osman is an honest player. He genuinely thought his ankle got clipped, but he actually stubbed the ground, when trying to get his shot away.
    His reaction made it look like he was playing up for a pen but he was angry that he didn’t get a shot away. That the referee gave a penalty is his choice.
    Suarez is a cheat who will even handle the ball on the line, dive to get a penalty and get a player sent off? Like Rodwell in last season’s derby. Or put two fingers up to the disabled section at Fulham last year. Something Osman will not do or never will do.
    I am an Evertonian, love Sunderland as my second team, have lived there for a few years and love visiting the Stadium of Light. See you 10th November. Howay the lads!

    • Ha’way (not howay) the Lads Baz!

      On your main point though – I agree that Osman stubbed the ground which caused him to fall over and it wasn’t a dive. I also think he wasn’t fully aware just why he fell over. The decision was clearly wrong but the blame goes on the ref who can’t have seen the incident properly and made a wrong assumption.

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