Stoke City v Sunderland (minus second top hitman): Guess the Score

Jake cannot believe prizes are back

A small design fault with Salut! Sunderland‘s Martin O’Neill mug – letters falling off the text – has been cleared up, or so Monsieur Salut understands. So in yet another display of hope that our season will finally start in Saturday, here is another Guess the Score competition …

bar Stoke supporters drawn here by the amazing generosity of the prize, should know the drill by now.

All you have to do is to post, as a comment below, your idea of the way the match will go.

If your scoreline is correct, was the first right answer to be posted and was sent before kickoff time, you will win a mug. Don’t worry if your comment is held for moderation; we have ways of knowing when you sent it. If a Stoke fan wins, (s)he will receive a suitably modified mug but it’ll still have MoN on it.

Jake's part of Spain will erupt if only we can win

See the Stoke City edition of our brilliant ‘Who are You?’ series:

But there’s a catch: you will win your chic little mug only if you also buy one. That still leaves M Salut out of pocket, but not to the same extent.

Jake wants Shawcross to go easy on our delicately skilled players

The Man City winner, Dennis (how dare a Sunderland supporter predict a 3-0 defeat?), has just got away with it. I completely forgot I’d imposed that condition; he probably didn’t notice there was one. No matter: it will apply from now on except when M Salut feels flush, which is rare, and decides to drop the buy-one-win-one rule for special games.

That does not mean, Eric (!), that it costs money to enter – you can always guess the score just for fun.

M Salut has been hopeless all season at forecasting anything. In his heart, he sees a 2-0 away win as the team comes together as a solidly viable unit after so many false starts.

But we have to do it without our second top league scorer, Demba Ba, so I won’t let on what the head says …

Instead, I’ll leave our goalshy midfield with this brilliant photo from France, where Nancy fans have experienced the same lack of goals as us (they haven’t got the mitigating presence of Fletch and are rooted at the bottom, having scored just three goals in nine games). It comes courtesy of a retweet (and a translation, “the goal is here”) from @AshleyJane9 at Twitter ..

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Monsieur Salut, by Matt

And finally
, as they used to say on the news … what Sir Jimmy Savile, risen from the grave, has told the Leveson inquiry …

15 thoughts on “Stoke City v Sunderland (minus second top hitman): Guess the Score”

  1. I will stick to my dirty tactic of predicting a realistic score which has served so well. A 2-1 loss I’ m afraid.

  2. I pressed submit before I should have – please disregard.

    My prediction is Potters 0 Mugs 2 (although only worth 1)

      • Good analogy apart from one point.

        I have never thought of The Potteries as a land flowing with milk and honey.

        It does seem, though, to devour those living within it and is, certainly, populated by giants!

      • I’m sure some of the Stoke fans I once saw in a pub called the Wagon and Horses, just off the A50 would devour anyone who had gone in in search of the fruits of the soil and the flowers of the hop.

  3. I’m going with a 1-2 with Gardner and Fletcher scoring.
    Here’s my starting XI:
    Bardsley, O Shea, Cuellar, Rose
    Larsson, Gardner, Catts, AJ

    My concern is height. Bard and Rose are not giants and we’re going to be struggling all afternoon. Just don’t give away free kicks and corners and I think we’ll be OK.
    I do fancy getting a result here. But we’ve got to be more adventurous and simply get more people in and around the box. AJ has to get in the game more, and so does Sess.

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