Martin’s Musings from Fulham: ‘a great ball from Johnson’

Back to the drawing board?

Martin O’Neill needed a win and got one. Monsieur Salut hes written elsewhere – click here for the ESPN piece – that even when Simon Mignolet was making his saves, 4-1 somehow seemed more likely than 3-3. The boss’s post-match e-mail picks out the Adam Johnson pass for Fletch’s opener. In my humble view, AJ was immense in the second half after an anonymous start…

Dear Colin,

It’s very pleasing to get the win away from home.

I would have taken the win in any shape or form, but it was a good win today and we scored some good goals.

The sending off definitely changed the dynamic of the game.

It was up to us then to force the issue, to see the game through to halftime and then try and stretch Fulham as much as we could in the second half, which I thought we did well.

Jake says it. We have Fletch, Cuellar and Sess with a pearler. Can we score? Oh yes!

The first goal came from a great ball from Adam Johnson and then a truly magnificent finish from a magnificent player in Steven Fletcher.

The second goal from Carlos Cuellar was an important one for us. Fulham had pegged us back and it was so important for us to get that second.

Eventually it was a blinding goal by [Stephane] Sessegnon to seal it.

A great goal from a fine player to crown the victory – as well two outstanding saves Simon Mignolet to keep Fulham at bay.

The players are looking forward to the next couple of games at home. It’s always a good atmosphere at the Stadium of Light.

Winning today is a boost of confidence ahead of a very important game next week.

All the best,

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  1. Tony said “I must have been watching a different game be cause overall I thought we were pathetic. When you can’t keep the ball against 10 men and then don’t look as though you want it back. It could easily have been 3-3.”

    I couldn’t possibly agree more with your sentiments here Tony. It was painful watching. We’d have got nothing from the game at all had Fulham had 11 men. Everyone seems to be whitewashing the fact that we scored our 2nd against 9 men because Petric was getting treatment at the time. There is absolutely nothing to draw from this result at all. Three points were more than welcome but that’s it.

  2. I think you were watching a different game. Interestingly, I thought MOTD 2 was very fair about the game and Dublin’s analysis was good. We generally hunted in packs and tried to pen Fulham back, they did find some space, but they do have good players in Berbatov, Petric, Duff and Rodellaga.
    Our performance wasn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, but good enough to win. And I’d always heard it was the sign of a good team that didn’t play well and picked up points regardless.
    Just a thought.

    • MOTD showed about 10 minutes of the game.

      Commentators might have been fair but I wonder if the director thought “a team from up north beating a London team, let’s move on as quickly as we can”.

      Or maybe I’m being unfair and he/she cut out the boring bits

  3. I must have been watching a different game be cause overall I thought we were pathetic. When you can’t keep the ball against 10 men and then don’t look as though you want it back. It could easily have been 3-3.

  4. Performance wasn’t perfect, and I agree wholeheartidly with Andy’s comments. But it was a significant improvement and a step in the right direction.

    We still need to have more movement off the ball, too much passing in to feet instead of putting people in to space., but you need the runners to create that space.

    Fulham goal was awful defending.

    Hopefully the confidence obtained from this performance will initiate a steady improvement. Have to admit though that Cattermoles prescence in the middle does seem to galvanise the side to up the performance level.

    The West Brom match will show if we are making progress.

  5. Hopefully Sess will now get the infusion of confidence necessary to do his magic. He made far too many unforced errors for any player never mind one of his ability. All three goals were well taken against a good Fulham side. Berbatov thankfully had one of his days of shrugs and scowling at colleagues. If Sess doesn’t pick up then put Johnson in the hole and McLean on the left wing.

  6. Give ower Ian! Johnson had a hand in all three goals and played some great passes. Sess might have been off the pace a bit but made up for it with a stunning goal. The most disappointing aspect of the game was that we just couldn’t pass accuarately enough under virtually no pressure we were going back to our end of the pitch and making it easy for the opposition to steal the ball.

    • How did Johnson have a hand in the Sess goal?
      In the 1st half he was pretty anonymous, and I don’t think he beat his man more than once during the game. Fulham doubled up on him a few times tho.
      Sess didn’t pass the ball very accurately during the game. I hope that goal gives him some confidence.

      • You are right. AJ was anonymous first half and had no part in Sess’s goal. But I think, as stated in the French Fancies piece posted today, that any player who – like AJ in the secfond half and Steed for Lyon – makes two goals can have that sort of ‘off day’ any time he wants. And AJ’s shot would have been hailed as a cracker had it not been saved

      • Yes, I agree with AJ’s shot. That was so well placed. If Schwartzer wasn’t 6ft4ins then it would have gone in.
        AJ was doubled up on so that makes it harder to make an impact.

  7. Hmmm, I watched this one live on TV.
    I must say the red card completely changed it. Up until that point we looked low on confidence and I was thinking, “oh well, I hope we get a draw.”
    However, we cleverly exploited the one man advantage and got some well-taken goals.
    However, I think only a few of our team played to thier potential. Sess, AJ, Colback, McClean, Bardsley were all off the pace. The only ones that stood out for me were Mignolet , Catts and Fletch.

    With 4 out of our next five at home I am looking for us to climb up now. Although we do have West Brom up next who are doing very well. But after that, QPR is a probable win and so is Reading.

    Anyone else like to see Rose on the left wing with AJ on the right? Colback at LB. Gardner and Catts in the middle…

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