Martin’s Musings: small talk on SAFC’s failure to beat QPR

Don’t worry, we’ll win 3-1. That was one pre-match thought. In the event, they – QPR – won 0-0. Awful result for Sunderland and Martin O’Neill‘s e-mail looks shorter than usual. There’s no elaborate attempt to present it in any better light. Just the customary assertion that another “big game” looms. Oh dear …

Dear Colin,

It was a difficult evening.

Queens Park Rangers were buoyed by the appointment of their new manager and they came with plenty of determination.

I really felt that at any given stage we could have scored in the game, but it wasn’t to be.

Simon [Mignolet] made a great save for us and then Steven [Fletcher] went close at the other end. That looked like it was going to be the moment.

Jake: 'Disappointing. But not unexpected.'

We had some decent possession of the ball.

Confidence is a big thing, we’ve been talking about it for a while now, but we’ll come through it.

Norwich is a big game. They’re in action tomorrow night, I’ll go and watch that and then we can prepare from there.

All the best,

Beware of forgeries

10 thoughts on “Martin’s Musings: small talk on SAFC’s failure to beat QPR”

  1. Martin, with all respect, it is your job to instill confidence. I can imagine what your old boss, Cloughie, would have said to them.

  2. It will spring back to life at some point Joan. I still have the one that I threw on the back of the fire after we lost to Crystal Palace in a League Cup tie when they beat us having failed to register an away win in something like a year. Stan Cummins scored that night………………………….. for them!

    My nasal memory can still get a whiff of that singe from almost 30 years ago.

  3. When I left the house this morning my red and white scarf was lying crumpled and soggy on the doorstep. Seemed an appropriate image

  4. Had the Myan Calendar been based upon Sunderlands points winning total we would still have had several thousand millennia to go

    • I hope not. I have 60 pints of home brew ready after 7th December and another 80 pints to get going for when the barrels become available.

      Can it wait until January?

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