Salut! Predictions League: Lads lose at Everton and West ‘Am beat Mags

Suppose it had to happen really. A little fun being poked at Colin’s struggles resulted in him scoring in all three fixtures this weekend, including an exact prediction in the Wigan v West Brom game. Despite the potential amount of points on offer every single week in this format, the table has somehow remained fairly structured and consistent throughout. Colin flies up it this week, however, and Robert really does need to pull the proverbial finger out.

Jake and I continue to be neck and neck and seem to match each other point for point, while Sixer and Malcolm threaten to pull away from the rest of us. Sixer even opts for choosing the lads to win at Everton and still manages to leave most of us in his wake. If I took things like this to heart I would go for a lie down.

Jake assesses the quality of our panel

Newcastle continue to let us all down in every capacity, by losing home games against the likes of West Ham. Not that it was an unwelcome result, more that it is harmful to our collective point tallies in this feature. The North East’s big two are so unpredictable it makes you wonder whether you should always back them to do the opposite of what you feel they will. Well following my instincts certainly isn’t working.

Right, I’m off for a lie down.

The table:

  Correct Score Correct Results Points
Malcolm Dawson 15 5 25
Sixer 13 5 23
John Mac 13 3 18
Colin Randall 12 2 16
Goldy 14 1 16
Jake 14 1 16
Jeremy Robson 13 1 15
Bill Taylor 10 2 14
Robert 8 2 12


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