Predictions league: Sunderland, Chelsea, Newcastle, Fulham, Everton, Spurs – How will they fare?

Jeremy has shown Sunderland it can be done! After weeks of propping up the table, a cool four points see him fly up it. Colin also managed four and Robert three, meaning quite a productive week for the lads in the lower half. Apart from Bill, that is, who is surely only keeping the foot of the league warm until I end up there.

I realise that Manchester and Salford’s finest meet this weekend but had already sent the e mails out asking for predictions on the Everton v Spurs game. Chelsea in town for the lads today. Easy, right?

The predictions and league standings:

Sunderland v Chelsea

Bill: My default prediction for the Cats (which largely accounts for my relegation position in the Predictions League) and one day they’ll live up to it. This could be their weekend. Chelski of late can’t even win the easy games (Wednesday? – Goldy) and I don’t think this will be one of them. (And we think WE have managerial woes…)

Colin: I am going to be mad, sad and had (as in “ever been had?”_all in one go. Sunderland are going to tear into a sulking Chelsea who, far from being able to turn the hollow 6-1 CH win into an instant morale booster for the Premier, will be so glum and so cross with Rafa for being there at all that they won’t know what hit them. They’ll come back late but too late. 3-2

Robert: After Chelsea broke out of their goal scoring slump in the midweek it
seems like Sunderland could be in for a long afternoon. I think we’ll
play hard, but lose in some frustrating manner. 1-2 with Chelsea

The rest: Jeremy 0-0. Goldy 1-1. Jake 1-0. Sixer 2-1. Malcolm 2-0. John Mac 2-1.

Everton v Spurs

Goldy: We*ll I’m just gonna start putting the initial scores that come into my head in now as I reckon I’d be top if I had adopted this strategy from the start. Well, maybe not. Two good sides but Everton will have enough here, I reckon. 2-1.

Sixer: Two good sides, lots of goals and a diving contest between Bale and Osman. 2-2.

Malcolm: Tough call this one. You see I like Everton. But I also like Spurs. There’s only one way to sort this out…………….FIGHT!   2-2

The rest: Bill: 3-1. Jeremy 2-1. Jake 2-1. Colin 1-1. Robert 1-1. John Mac 2-2.

Fulham v Newcastle

Jeremy: Fulham are no pushovers at home unless they are down to 9 or 10 men when sides from the NE visit. The home side may miss the influence of Bryan Ruiz who is ruled out through injury, but they should still have enough to overcome Wonga’s Wongas comfortably. Fulham 2 Loan Shark Lackies 0

Jake: We hammered, yes HAMMERED Fulham a couple of weeks ago but the home team won’t slip up against The Monochrome Set because they’re CRAP! Two nowt to Fulham. 0-2.

John Mac: I don’t normally favour London teams but in this case I’ll make an exception.

The rest: Bill 2-1. Colin 2-0. Sixer 3-0. Goldy 2-0. Robert 2-1. Malcolm 3-0.

Here’s the table:

Correct Results Correct Scores Points
Malcolm Dawson 19 5 29
Sixer 16 5 26
Colin Randall 15 3 21
Jeremy Robson 15 3 21
Jake 18 1 20
John McCormick 14 3 20
Goldy 16 1 18
Robert Simmonds 10 3 16
Bill Taylor 11 2 15


12 thoughts on “Predictions league: Sunderland, Chelsea, Newcastle, Fulham, Everton, Spurs – How will they fare?”

  1. I was at the Emirates for the opening game of the season. I chatted with some Gooners who had similar feelings to those posted by Jeremy. 60000 turn out every week despite a 7 year barren run in terms of silver. Chelsea struggle to sell out their ground despite their heavily funded success. To have a pop at SAFC fans is a bit rich. The 40000 who turned out yesterday were magnificent …. As they always are….a point that is recognised by all who know better

  2. It’s easy to accuse people of being deluded when your team is funded by the blood of the Russian populace. Everything has a price Ted. Success and failure.

    The problem with Chelsea and some of the other clubs at the top of the table, but particularly at your club is that none of you really understand the difference between success and failure, particularly so when the playing field has been tilted in your favour. The perceptual distortions are not limited to Abramovic but today we see your team winning 3-1 away from home and your fans are chanting the name of the now departed manager. Chelsea’s achievements in recent years are surpassed only by the level of absurdity you muster. Best of luck in the World Club Championship. I expect your fans will be chanting for Mourinho then.

  3. Poor Ted, more to be pitied than mocked. Safc fans often sing about “Taking the p***, and having a laugh”. Surely you remember the dark times pre Chelski when fans used humour at the Bridge. All very serious these days daaarn saaaarf. Lighten up mate

    • I’m a Chelsea fan actually, and have been for 37 years. If we had won 0-7 here with Larsson seeing red you couldn’t have complained. I simply find it funny how biased you idiots are. Deluded northerners, relegation is beckoning

      • Dear Ted,

        Apart from the fact that I don’t use “actually”, what makes you think I’m a northerner? After all, I write in grammatically correct English (which you didn’t) and that’s not supposed to be a trait of Northerners.

        I could be a cockerny with an “occupy” mentality who can’t stomach the “Let’s buy the title” brigade

        I’m not, but neither am I deluded.

        Let’s face it, your posting is no less biased than any of ours. The difference, perhaps, is that we are exhibiting gallows humour while you are being serious.

        Anyway, Happy Christmas.

  4. Dear Ted,

    I try very hard to be objective, fair-minded and open to the truth.

    But not when it comes to football.

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