Salut predictions: SAFC, Norwich, Newcastle, Wigan, QPR, Aston Villa – who will prevail?

Last week the entire team showed honourable optimism predicting a clear home win for The Lads. Well we all know what happened and so the effect that the game had on the all important predictions league was zilch. Elsewhere, Jeremy came up with a correct scoreline in the Saints v Sinners (sorry Mags) game to collect his three points and Malcolm managed to maintain his lead correctly identifying the outcome, if not the scores of the two games in which Sunderland were not involved. There could well be some movement this week as Tuesday’s limp display has provoked a variety of forecasts for the game at Carrow Road.

Our panel consider their options

Norwich v Sunderland

Sixer: As long as one of their players is sent off then we’ll win. 1-2.

Colin: Can’t see us winning, drawing or scoring. This pessimism is designed to spur on the Lads to a storming victory. 2-0

John Mac: An injury-reshuffled defence and midfield manages to generate a bit of passing and energy, moves the ball upfront and Fletch does the business. Confidence grows and Sess creates chances, leading to the second goal. Then we get bombarded after retreating but manage to hold on for the win.  1-2

The rest:  Malcolm  0-0  Goldy  1-1   Bill  1-2   Jake 2-0  Robert  0-1   Jeremy  2-1

Newcastle v Wigan

Jake: The curse of the extended contract has hit Pardew hard. Long may it continue, Mags 0 Wigan 1

Goldy:  If you ever need a must win game then Wigan are normally willing to allow you success. Well, maybe not in Steve Bruce’s case but I think the Mags will just do enough.  1-0

Bill:  You never know with the ’Latics but, more and more, you DO know with the Mags. Sunderland’s not the only northeastern club with troubles. The best NUFC can do on Monday is stay level-pegging with Wigan in the table. 1-1

The rest:  Malcolm  1-1  Sixer  1-2   Colin  1-0    Robert  1-1   Jeremy  1-1   John Mac  1-1

Q.P.R v Villa

Robert: QPR will be a little more confident after holding us without a goal in midweek. However, they’ll soon realize that it wasn’t much of an accomplishment. Fortunately for them they are playing Villa who aren’t playing great either. I suspect it will be a very ugly 1-1 draw. I wonder if Darren Bent will make the bench this weekend? Seems unlikely.

Jeremy: There was little evidence of Harry having worked his magic with his new charges in what we saw the other night. The Hawthorne Effect may start to show itself in what is a decent first home game for the new Rangers’ boss. I have a feeling that QPR will get their first home win in this one……………. but only just. QPR 1 Villa 0.

Malcolm: QPR are poor. Villa are poor. Both did enough to turn 6 guaranteed points for us into just the one. Redknapp will have had his staff working at the system, the confidence and the attitude. Much as I fancy 0-0 I’ve a feeling  that the Hoops will score and get a first victory of the season. Rangers to win 1-0.

The rest:  Sixer  1-2  Colin 1-1   Goldy  1-0  Jake  1-0  John Mac  2-0   Bill 1-2

Here’s the current league standings:

Malcolm Dawson 19 5 29
Sixer 16 5 26
John McCormick 14 3 20
Jake 17 1 19
Jeremy Robson 14 2 18
Colin Randall 13 2 17
Goldy 15 1 17
Bill Taylor 11 2 15
Robert Simmonds 9 2 13


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