Predictions: Sunderland, Norwich, Newcastle, Wigan, Swansea, Arsenal – How will they fare.

Well despite the apparent gremlins in the studio, the second podcast is up and running, get on it by clicking into this link:

But it’s back to predictions – my reliable laptop means I am forced to bring you the table during the week rather than now. Sure people can live with that. Did I tell you to listen to the podcast already?

Sunderland v Norwich

Colin:Frankly anyone’s guess. Which mood will they be in, roaring to go or terrified of the ball? Heart rules head. 2-0.

Malcolm: Safc v Norwich The pessimistic gremlin crept in last week and I expected a loss but hoped for a draw. Should have listened to the gremlin for the purposes of the predictions competition. Last week’s performance and bench selection has done nothing for my confidence. SAFC 0 – Norwich 2 though of course I hope I’m wrong.

Goldy: Never had we had a must win game like this one since…November against Reading. The players turned up that night and I think they will her as well. 2-0.

The rest: Robert 1-1. John Mac 1-0. Sixer 2-0. Jeremy 1-0. Jake 1-0.

Wigan v Newcastle

Robert: Just don’t think Wigan have the goods for a miracle run. 1-2 win for the mags.

Jeremy: Difficult one to predict this but my heart will always go for the Latics and especially so when they are entertaining our friends from up the road. The mini revival since the boat arrived from France in January will be halted at the least populated stadium in the Premier League. 2-0 to Roberto’s lads.

Sixer:Wigan Athletic 2 v Riff raff 1 (Papis Cisse o.g. in last minute).

The rest: Goldy 2-1. Colin 2-1. Malcolm 3-0. Jake 1-0. John Mac 1-0.

Swansea v Arsenal

Jake: 2-2. Goldy 1-2. Sixer 2-2. Robert: 1-2. John Mac 2-1. Colin 0-2. Jeremy 1-2. Malcolm 2-0.

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