Salut! Podcast: we discuss Sunderland being grim and hosting Norwich


The dummy run was a success in my eyes, writes Stephen Goldsmith. Well, the thirty odd people I paid to listen to it thought so as well. Seriously, we will be finding a permanent home for it and it will always be available for Salut! readers to access – as long as things continue as we expect and hope.

Saying a defeat is hard to take would become a bit repetitive if we were to say it every time the lads lost a game. The manner of the Q.P.R defeat wasn’t acceptable, however, not by a long shot. Plenty to talk about in the podcast this week regarding that. All in all, it runs a little like this…

  • Myself, Salut’s Gareth Barker and the Northern Echo’s Richard Mason are in the studio.
  • Gary Gowers from My Football Writers joins us on the phone to discuss things from the Norwich end.
  • We hear from Martin O’Neill.
  • Music from The Rivals.

It’s Soundcloud again for you if you want to download or listen directly, enjoy:


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Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt

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