QPR v Sunderland: hoops or stripes, guess the score whoever you support

'The usually tight git's giving one away without strings for a change', says Jake
‘The usually tight git’s giving one away without strings for a change’, says Jake

Is it past midnight?
Then let’s begin this week’s Guess the Score.

I live in hope that one of our moneyed readers will one day come up with meaningful prizes for the little competitions. In the meantime, I am once again offering a Martin O’Neill mug to the first person who correctly posts the outcome of tomorrow’s game at Loftus Road. Before kickoff, that is.


We’ve had, as always, a good buildup to the game: an attack on the obscene QPR ticket prices – is it really an excuse to say “we have a crap ground and can only get 18,500 into it so have to rip you off”? – along with a decent “Who are You?” with Matt Bell.

Jake prepares for another vervous matchday
Jake prepares for another nervous matchday

To see that build-up, go to the Salut! Sunderland home page – https://safc.blog – and look around.

Now it’s your turn. Sunderland supporters almost always vote with the heart and declare that we’ll win or at least draw. We rarely win, of course, which keeps down Salut! Sunderland running costs a little.

But QPR win even less often. We can’t both lose. We probably all agree pretty much anything can happen.

Their supporters are warmly invited to enter the competition. A Rangers fan who gets the score right first – M Salut’s decision is final but he will know exactly when each entry was sent even if yours is held for moderation before appearing – will receive the same mug with a suitably modified design.

Ha’way the Lads.

8 thoughts on “QPR v Sunderland: hoops or stripes, guess the score whoever you support”

  1. As it’s International Women’s Day, I’ve let the old dragon choose the score. So it’s 506 – 9 declared.

  2. I stated earlier in the week that we would get nothing from the next five games. QPR will think this game is winnable due to our totally indiffrent form, what sunderland will turn up god knows.

    Anyway against all logic QPR 1 – 3 SAFC

    Keeping the faith is reaching biblical proportions now!

  3. Got to be positive and go for 1-2.

    Thing is, our getting the ball into the box last week against Fulham didn’t work too well because we just lacked a bit of quality in our crossing. And Hangaaland was immense. I fear that Samba might be equally immense on SAturday.

    That said, they are bottom of the league for a reason. I fancy Cuellar back in for Bramble. Bramble lacks a bit of pace for me and we’re going to have to be mindful of Remy.

    For me McClean was more direct and more of a threat when he came on. Trouble is, AJ (on form) is better. What to do?

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