Salut! Podcast: We discuss Norwich and the negativity in the Sunderland air

In true Sunderland fashion, the must win games of all must win games wasn’t won. Let us all collectively sigh.

We have Tom Lynn in the studio with us today; the former editor of The Wearside Roar never short on SAFC opinions. We talk about what went wrong in the Norwich game and whether Martin O’Neill is still the man for the task at hand. We can’t get relegated again, can we???? Here’s the link:

6 thoughts on “Salut! Podcast: We discuss Norwich and the negativity in the Sunderland air”

  1. Good stuff, Steven. Wish it could have been a bit more upbeat though. Not your fault. We all know where the blame lies…………………………..

  2. I was out to set a world record ad to how many times you can fit ‘I suppose’ in one sentence. Ran out of time to edit.

    Tom was great, child’s play to him that stuff.

  3. Tom nailed our problems when he said we have to get it right on the pitch, it doesn’t matter how good everything else is, if your team is garbage the rest will come crashing down. Why do SAFC continually make this mistake?

    A few articles have surfaced today closely related to this very subject, reports that Short told O’Neill last summer that we required quality not quantity as he was sick of seeing major overhauls may or may not surprise fans. Well thanks to the club’s decision to let Steve Bruce do it a third time, we really did need to do it again. Until we learn to buy carefully it’s unlikely we’ll be in a position to buy ‘quality not quantity’ for quite a while.

    Ellis is also promising to review the clubs scouting system among other things at the end of the season, presumably if it’s not too late by then. We’ve heard it all before, will anything actually change this time?

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