Salut! Predictions: Sunderland, Fulham, Newcastle, Swansea, Arsenal, Spurs – How will they fare?

NB: Completed but inexplicably not posted by kickoff time. Sorry, Monsieur Salut’s 1-0 prediction already blown to pieces but he also had a punt on 4-3 ….

Salut panel member thinks long and hard about the weekend fixtures.
Salut panel member thinks long and hard about the weekend fixtures.


I have vocally embraced a well used assumption a lot today, writes Stephen Goldsmith. The one that goes along the lines of “Don’t worry, we’re bound to win tomorrow as I’m not there”. You know the drill. Then it dawned on me that Sunderland tend to lose the games I do and don’t attend in equal measure. I may not care by tea time if I’m as intoxicated as expected in a Liverpool pub somewhere.

The Predictions League table has undergone a stewards enquiry since last time it was published. Carelessness on my behalf and I’m thankful for Malcolm’s obsessive compulsive tendencies for all things correct that it’s now been updated. Apologies if you have slipped down it somewhat. Imagine needing things to be correct and proper, and witnessing Sunderland this season? Ouch!

The predictions:

Sunderland v Fulham

John Mac: Fletch has to score soon. I can also see a return for McLean who will want to prove a point and do some enterprising work 2-0.

Jake: It’s a must win game! Yes I know it’s only March 2nd but this is a must win game! So, WE MUST WIN! 1-0.

Robert: Another match, another chance for me to be overly optimistic and be wrong. We had a nice away win against Fulham earlier this year that sparked a decent run of form for us, and we need another decent run to ensure safety this season. I suspect it’ll start this week. 2-1 home win.

The rest: Colin 1-0. Malcolm 3-1. Goldy 2-1.


Swansea v Newcastle

Colin: I remember the headline to this day: “From Wonderland to Blunderland” as Sunderland followed the FA Cup glory of May 5 1973 with a scrappy 1-1 draw at Cardiff on the Monday. It goes worse, 0-3 at home to QPR two nights later. I will take Swansea’s team to be less drunk or hungover than a few of our lot may well have been. 2-0

Swansea: Brum and Liverpool went a bit rubbish after their League cup triumphs. That will be Newcastle’s luck. Be a draw will this. 1-1.

The rest:  John Mac 2-1. Malcolm 2-0. Robert 2-2. Jake 1-1.


Spurs v Arsenal

Malcolm:  The Norf Laandan derby will see the Lilywhites triumphant as AVB’s team out pass, outrun, out shoot and out think the Wengerboys. Boom boom, they’ll wish they were in Ibiza – 4-1


The rest: John Mac: 2-1. Colin 4-2. Jake 2-0. Robert 3-2. Goldy 1-1.

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