SAFC v Fulham: guess the score (but 3-0 has already been chosen)

'The usually tight git's giving one away without strings for a change', says Jake
‘The usually tight git’s giving one away without strings for a change’, says Jake

Good news for Pam Stokoe, whose name has special resonance around these parts. Her mug, won with a correct if disloyal 0-1 forecast for the SAFC v Arsenal game, has finally been ordered.

Good news for Eric, who posts regularly to the Comments section and invariably offers a prediction. I will take his 3-0, which appears at the end of the Fulham “Who are You?” – about which he was less than enthusiastic – as a valid entry. I also hope it comes true.

Bad news for Monsieur Salut. The mug suppliers have withdrawn the free postage that applied to all UK orders. With the so-called Salut! Sunderland shop in dire need of an overhaul, there is about the same chance of anyone spending £30 there, which would qualify for free postage under the new rules imposed on us, as there is of Sunderland finishing second, which remains mathematically possible.

I will grin and bear it for this week and then reflect on what to do next.

Jake's so far away in Spain, that the chances are he'll have to opt for square
Jake’s so far away in Spain, that the chances are he’ll have to opt for square

So for now, just have a go. If your prediction is correct, I will send you a mug, too. If you’re a Fulham supporter and get it right, the design will be modified to take account of your allegiance.

Ha’way the Lads.

* Have a look at the home page to see what you may have missed:

** And see what M Salut has been up to at ESPN:

Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt

17 thoughts on “SAFC v Fulham: guess the score (but 3-0 has already been chosen)”

  1. SAFC 6 – 0 Fulham. Sunderland unleash the beast…Fletcher hat trick, Graham off the mark, N’Diaye one and Vaughan.

  2. Looking at our home stats makes peculiar reading, only 14 golas scored at home with the only teams worse being Villa and QPR,yet only 13 against, only bettered by Man City and Liverpool.

    Fulham have a similar away goals record as us.

    0-0 has to be high on the cards but seeing as its taken…3 times!. So I’ll go a boring 1-0 to us

    • You may need an even bigger margin, Neil., Andy beat you to it but his post was inexplicably ‘held for moderation’

  3. due to our new attacking 4-4-2 formation, I am going with a 3-1 scoreline. Fletch (2), AJ and Graham.

  4. Someone on Twitter was saying Berbatov was her favourite footballer because not only does he draw caricatures, he dances the Harlem Shake or whatever it’s called. Surely, he won’t take at all to the wintry chill of the NE. A feast of fun and goals, none scored by Berbatov. 4-3 (but anyone else who wants it can have the scoreline as a proper enytry

  5. Rokermen 2 Poncy London Showbiz XI 1 (Fulham lack concentration before dashing back south before curtain goes up)

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